Kingsday kitesurf blogs: top 10 kite blogs 2021

Kingsday kitesurf news: top 10 kite news 2021

As part of King's Day in the Netherlands, we look back on the most popular kitesurf blogs and the most visited kitesurf pages. We already presented one at the end of last year top 10 kitesurf blogs 2020. Now we look back on the first four months in 2021. These were the most read kitesurfing articles on Get inspired.

Kingsday kitesurf blogs top 10

1. 31 kite surfers rescued Rockanje by rescue brigade

31 kite surfers saved for Rockanje by rescue brigade - King's Day 2021

The beautiful spring day with good wind attracted kite surfers to flock to the coast. Kite surfers saved Rockanje. We are not judging because the wind direction seemed pretty good for kite surfing for Rockanje. It is also shallow to fairly far out of the side so that you can stand there. Kite surfers had to be rescued by a combination of the spontaneous disappearance of the wind, current, inexperience and decisive action by the rescue brigade. Read the report and the tips. Perhaps not the nicest topic in the context of King's Day kitesurf blogs, but wants to be extremely important and most read.

2. Decathlon wingsurf board, foil, wing and e-foil

Decathlon has a wingsurf board, foil, wing and e-foil range

Wingsurfing and wing foiling is popular. Our exploration resulted in a list of about 100 wingsurf brands. Our eye then also fell on Decathlon. Decathlon carries wingsurf boards from the SIC Maui brand. When we looked a little further we also saw wingsurf and wingfoil material internationally; Decathlon wingsurf board, foil, wing and e-foil, from the Takuma brand. It is clear that Decathlon is also adding wingsurfing equipment and wing foiling to the range. The Dutch Decathlon website now shows the Wing of Takuma. You can also read the review of the Decathlon Orao kite.

3. Snowkiting manual

Snowkiting in the Netherlands
Snowkiting in 2021. Photo: @ Tdek76

A moment to look back. We enjoyed a winter with snowkiting, ice kiting, ice wings and skating. Snowkiting is a kite sport that really belongs to it. International, but certainly also in the Netherlands. As soon as the snow radar predicts snow, there is a group of kite surfers who immediately start itching. Snowkiters… In the snowkiting manual you can read how you can have fun in 'fresh Dutch powder' from about 10 cm of snow, a little wind and some preparation.

4. Overview of all wingsurf brands

Wingsurf brands - Wingfoil brands
Overview of all wingsurf brands Photo: Marcel Berrevoets has wingfoiler Mark van der Burg and kite surfer Valérie van Seters in his sights.

Wingsurfing and wing foiling now also belong to the list of wind sports. It appeals to all kinds of athletes and is relatively easy to get started. Wing foiling on the high seas is really a challenge to learn, we can report you. Very cool! A surf wing can also be combined with other sports. Think of a wing with a snowboard or skis. Or ice winging and ice surfing. This, too, has really taken off in 2021. Our exploration resulted in a list of about 100 wingsurf brands. That list went viral. Enjoy the inspiration. Also check it out wingsurf manual or wingfoil manual.

5. Kitesurfing at sea? 10 tips for kiting at sea

Kitesurfing at sea

As soon as kite surfing on flat water kite surfers goes well, the sea often starts to pull. Kite surfing on a wild sea is really different from inland water. However, there are also kite surfing locations by the sea that are mild. For example, think of Brouwersdam and Oostvoorne. But other kite surfing locations by the sea sometimes have nice flat shallow parts at high tide. The switch from inland waterways to the sea is therefore really feasible. In this kitesurfing blog we help you take the step to kite surfing at sea. View the kite surfing tips and videos at sea.

6. Which size kite in which wind?

Is kite surfing difficult to learn?
This way you choose the right size kite. Photo: Patrick van der Ven

A very informative and educational post about which size kite to choose. It goes without saying that you regularly wonder which size kite is suitable for you in which wind. There is a lot of choice and it may all seem a bit complicated. However, it certainly is not. Our size chart will help you with that. A page to save to the favorites. If necessary, also view the information about which custom kiteboard is right for you.

7. Kitesurfing rules. Nearly crash. Who is wrong?

Kitesurf rules to prevent a kitesurf crash

Risk happens fast. That's a fact and I think we've all been there. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a kite crashes right next to you. Whew… Or you estimate that everything is going well and suddenly you have to do everything you can to avoid another kite surfer or to prevent a kite crash. In a movie you can see that things are just going well. As a lesson, we asked the question on Instagram who is wrong. With a score of 70% against 30%, we conclude that it is not always easy to determine this. And if it is already difficult from your couch, what is it like if you do not have a second to think on the water? Watch the video and the reflection on a near kitesurfing accident.

8. Neoprene jacket - Review Aurora Neoprene Jacket from 9 BFT

Neoprene jacket - kings day kitesurf blogs

In the past winter months I have surfed a number of times with a neoprene jacket over my wetsuit. The Aurora Neoprene Jacket from 9 BFT. For example during a winter session in storm Bella. In this kitesurfing blog we will discuss insulation and the effect of using layers. Then you can read my findings in a review after about 10 kitesurfing sessions in the cold with the Aurora Neoprene Jacket from 9 BFT.

9. Ruben Lenten back on the water. All the best man!

Ruben Lenten

A lot of respect is in order for our Ruben Lenten. Ruben is a kite surfer who was indestructible at a young age and went more extreme than many others. Ruben also had to deal with the ghost disease cancer at a young age. He gratefully overcame this and his life took on more meaning. Later he was off again due to a kite crash. The recovery process and a little one in the Lenten home gave his life even more meaning. Now he is back on the water. Watch the beautiful video. You can also join the Jump4Life promotion.

10. Megaloop for kite surfers as a marathon for runners?

Megaloop - King's Day kitesurf blogs
On the water with Bram Sanstra, Edwin Mabelis, Matthijs de Jonge. Just envious.

Of course, this statement makes no sense because kite surfing is a super diverse sport. Kitesurfing offers something for everyone and it is all about having fun. Anyway, I have the ambition and the megaloop feels like a kind of milestone. As for a runner who has been running for 20 years and has never run a marathon. At some point it has to happen for many. In this kitesurf blog I describe my personal struggle with the megaloop for kite surfers. Tips are welcome.

Kitesurf blogs top 10: there is more

This was the absolute top 10 in the context of King's Day kitesurf blogs. The most read kitesurf blogs and the most popular kitesurf information from so far in 2021. Compiled for you as part of a list for King's Day. But of course much more beauty can be found on the site. For example, browse through all kitesurf tips or enter a search term below. Are you missing something let us know.


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