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Competition calendar-Dutch-Championships-kite surfing Red Bull Megaloop
Red Bull Megaloop 2023. Photo by Red Bull

Here is an update and preview of the kitesurfing competitions as they are currently known for 2023 and 2024. Will you become the new Dutch Kitesurfing Champion? Take your chances and sign up for one of the competitions in the competition calendar Dutch Kitesurfing Championships below. For non-participants, the kitesurfing competitions are also recommended to follow and visit as a spectator. They are guaranteed to offer inspiration and a fun day.

Green = planned

Red = not yet planned or cancelled

NK Kitesurfing 2023

We are closely following the options for an NK kitesurfing 2023, but this event is not yet planned.

Dutch Championship Freestyle kitesurfing (youth)

We are closely following the options for an NK kitesurfing 2023, but this event is not yet planned.

Dutch Championship Big Air kite surfing

After being gone for 4 years, the NK Big Air will be back in 2023. During the NK Big Air kitesurfing, the best kitesurfers in the Netherlands compete for the national title. You can register until August 24 at The NK Big Air will take place on October 13 in Zandvoort.

Competition calendar-Dutch-Championships-kitesurfing-2020
Kitesurf competitions - Information about Dutch Championship Big Air on

Open NK Kite Wave

The Open NK Kite Wave 2022 was a fact again after 3 years. How cool was that! With 27 participants, waves higher than 3 meters and good wind. View a short report and the results of the Open NK Kite Wave 2022.

Open NK Kite Wave 2022
The proud winners of the Open NK Kite Wave. Photo: NKV

We are now looking forward to the Open NK Kite Wave 2023. The wind window will be open from September. View the latest updates and subscribe to The Spot Zandvoort.

Red Bull Megaloop - Kitesurf competitions

The wind window for the Red Bull Megaloop is open between April 1 and November 1. This kitesurfing event is held depending on the perfect conditions. The perfect conditions for the Red Bull Megaloop are of course 35+ knots of wind and a sea with beautiful waves to launch into for the coolest jumps. With the Red Bull King Of The Air still fresh in our minds we were looking forward to the Red Bull Megaloop. This took place on September 19 and it was a great success. View the live stream via the link above.

Full box of action during the Red Bull Megaloop
Full action during the Red Bull Megaloop 2019. Photo: Jarno Schurgers / Red Bull

Angle to Clear - Kitesurf downwinder

Angle to Clear is a downwinder where more than 400 kite surfers from Hoek van Holland to Den Helder kite surf. Entirely devoted to the Heart Foundation. Hoek tot Helder saves human lives. In 2021, 450 kite surfers participated, who together raised 602.665 euros in sponsorship money for the Heart Foundation. What a wonderful achievement for participants, helpers and organization. We were looking forward to Hoek tot Helder 2023 and September 20th was the day. The 6th edition Hoek tot Helder was a great success with more than 2023 participants in 500!

Kite Wave on Leaning

Kite Wave at Scheef is not yet scheduled. The wind window is usually open in October and November and you can register via Stay informed about the possibilities for a Kite Wave at Scheef in 2023.

Formula Kite in the Netherlands

The Formula Kite competitions in the Netherlands concluded with a bang from 10 to 21 August during the World Sailing Championships for Scheveningen. This concerned the Olympic discipline.

Looking back 2020 – The best kite foilers in the Netherlands were in 2020 from 18 up to and including 23 August in action at the European Championship in Puck, Poland. A great addition to the kitesurfing competitions. Then it stood from 15 up to and including 20 September the European Championship 'mixed relay kitefoil' on the agenda. This was planned on the Traunsee in Austria. This competition format is also a new Olympic discipline in 2024 and 2028.

Kitefoil Cup Holland

The stops of the Kitefoil Cup Holland are planned continuously and are sometimes also ad hoc. In addition, there are sometimes also competitions in which every kite foiler can participate. How cool is that! Check out the latest updates and/or sign up at

Kitesurfing Olympic Sport
Kitesurf competitions. Photo: In prelude to Kitesurfing as an Olympic Sport - Formula kite kiteboarding

Open Military Championship (OMK) Kitesurfing

In 2021, the Royal Netherlands Army and the Dutch Kitesurf Association organized the first Open Military Championship (OMK) Kitesurfing in Bloemendaal. It was a twintip race for anyone who can kitesurf, is employed in the defense and/or is a veteran. You can register at NLveteran and it was a cool event. View the images and report of the OMK Kitesurfing 2021. Unfortunately, the OMK could not take place in 2022 due to insufficient wind. The OMK 2023 was held in September.

Competition calendar Dutch championships kite surfing

Will you be the new Dutch Kitesurfing Champion? Take the chance and register for one of the competitions. Also view the competition calendar on the site of the Dutch Kitesurf Association (NKV) or read more about the NKV. Please return to this page to continue following the Dutch Kitesurfing Championships competition calendar.

From beginner to advanced

Check out the kitesurfing levels and read when we think you are a beginner. A bulky but very interesting and educational piece about kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing for beginners - the levels
The life course of a kitesurfer with an indication of the skill level.

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