Cumbuco kitesurf impression 'Out of the box'

Cumbuco kite surfing
Cumbuco kitesurf impression in Duotone Out of the Box 3

Our eye fell on the Out of the Box videos of duotone† The third edition is dedicated to the Global Kiteboarding Association (GKA) world championships. In short the GKA World Tour. In almost 13 minutes you will be taken into the freestyle scene at the highest level. Beautiful to see! In addition, the video gives a nice impression of what the Cumbuco kitesurf spot has to offer. Recommended.

Cumbuco kitesurf spot

On the northeast coast of Brazil, Cumbuco is perhaps the most popular freestyle kitesurfing spot in the world. Often suitable wind, a nice temperature and always flat water in the lagoons make the spot so perfect. The windiest period for a kitesurfing holiday to Cumbuco is from September to December. Many more tips about transport, costs, accommodation, other cool places to visit and kitesurfing itself can be found in the video.

Cumbuco kitesurf impression in 'Out of the box' by Duotone

Ecosystem and Hotels Cumbuco

In addition, a real kitesurfing ecosystem has been created over the years that makes it pleasant for kitesurfers to stay there. For example, there are places and hotels around Cumbuco of different price ranges for different target groups of kite surfers. Everything you need is therefore available for cool sessions and stays with fellow kite surfers. If you want to book another kitesurfing holiday, you can certainly include Cumbuco in your search.

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