Duotone magazine 3 is out. Highlights and inspiration

Duo tone magazine 3

The annual Duotone magazine is back. After the first two editions it was quiet at the front but now we can enjoy it again. With 121 pages of inspiration, designed in a unique format with varying paper types, it is once again a beautiful magazine. Interviews, reports and information are supplemented with beautiful kitesurf and wingfoil photos. The supporting visualisations, for example with the technical information, are also clarifying.

Mission Duotone: best material for best experience

The mission of duotone is to make the best material and put the users first. According to Till Eberie, CEO Boards & More, Duotone is all about motivating kiters to have the best possible time on the water, inspiring them to develop and provide them with as much energy as possible. Till specifically mentions kite surfers here, but the Duotone Magazine also brings wingfoiling under attention.  

Highlights Duotone magazine 3

The magazine starts with interviews with the Duotone wave kitesurfing team with a focus on friendship and everyone's interpretation of it within wave kitesurfing. Cool to read how the top wave kite surfers view it and the wave kite surf photos are breathtaking. Then a travelogue about Hood River and the introduction of the young duotone team drivers. Then another cool travel report about Ireland. Later one of Iceland and so on.

Urban wing foiling

Then a beautiful piece about urban wing foiling. Very appropriate because wing foiling is possible in many more places than kite surfing. We also notice this well in the Netherlands. It can sometimes just be on the water around the corner and that makes wing foils very accessible and popular.

Focus on innovation

As we are used to from Duotone, the magazine always lifts a corner of the veil about innovation of the material. This edition is about the science and laws behind the material. That you can't just replace material because the properties of a type change. Some interesting examples are given here.

Lite Surf

'Lite Surf' is the concept we kites on a diet to mention. In addition to becoming lighter, they also become stronger, better and more reliable. Duotone explains the main differences between the standard models, SLS type kites and the new ones D/Lab models. The innovations, together with the six times higher material prices according to Duotone, also drive the price per kite.

Weight Duotone Neo 10 meters

As stated; innovations should make kites lighter, stronger and more reliable. That the innovations lead to lighter kites can clearly be seen in the following list.

  • Standard kite: 3,0 kilo
  • SLS kite: 2,8 kilo
  • D/Lab kite: 2,5 kilo

Conclusion Duotone magazine 3

In this blog we have only touched on a few things from the beautiful Duotone magazine. It is a unique magazine. I don't know any other magazines kitesurf brands† So, if you have the chance to like me through your favorite kitesurf shop If you want to get a copy, then this is worth it in my opinion. I expect that the magazine will soon also be available digitally on the website of duotone.

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