Eleveight kite review - Eleveight RS v5

Eleveight kite review - Eleveight RS v5

We received a review of the Eleveight RS v5 from Kris Sutherland. Kris is a kitsurf instructor for the kitesurf shop surfinstyle.be. For the lessons they use the Eleveight PS and RS. For the latter I have made a short review for the new version 5 that he is happy to share with us. We have not tested the kite ourselves so this is not an independent review by KitesurfPro itself. View the Eleveight kite review in which Kris explains the Eleveight RS v5.

Crossover 3-struts high performance freeride kite

Time flies and so we are already on the fifth edition of this kite from Eleveight, the RS. The RS is a crossover 3-struts delta-hybrid kite for high performance freeriding, which also ensures that you can catch some waves and do some freestyle tricks.

Suitable for Big Air

It is also the former big air kite of eleveight team rider Stijn Koster. Not only Stijn but several kiters have already exceeded the 25m height limit with the RS. The RS is a real all-rounder. The RS is a kite intended for a very large audience, ranging from the novice to the very advanced kiter. It is therefore also the most popular kite in the Eleveight range at the moment.

Eleveight RS v5, version 5

Every year almost every brand brings new kites to the market and you always think, “except for the looks, not much has changed compared to last year” or “what can be improved”. This is no different at Eleveight, but year after year you can see and feel this RS improving. The RS v5 takes it a step further this year.

Main changes

The changes to looks, construction and flight characteristics are very noticeable if you compare them with the previous versions
For this review I tested the RS 8m, I used the v4 and v5 in almost the same conditions on days after each other to make a solid comparison. Before I continue, I want to make it clear that the previous RS versions are already top kites and I only make a comparison to indicate the changes / improvements.

Eleveight RS v5 test struts

Kite storage bag

The basic construction of the bag is the same as in previous years. However, this bag looks just a bit more trendy and stylish with the necessary accents. For example, the color and size are nicely given on a piece of cloth from which the kite is made. Furthermore, the bag has a large U-zipper and is spacious enough to store your kite nicely and you do not have to stuff it in. The necessary straps are provided on the sides for your bar and pump. At the front there is a small bag where you can find the supplied booklet and repair kit.

Eleveight RS v5 storage bag

Looks in 4 colors and processed in detail

The eleveight RS v5 is available in 4 colors. I myself have used the red version in both v4 and v5, so I will continue on that. The red between the v4 and v5 is not the same, although both versions display the same color code on their bag. For example, the red of v4 is a bit pastel red and a bit more attractive, the red of v5 is bright red and the dacron somewhat tending to pink. The blue accent color in the kite is slightly different in shape this year than last year, but this shape in combination with the bright red really makes the kite “bad-ass”. I was immediately sold on it.

What is striking this year is that they have fine-tuned the looks very hard down to the last detail. The little things about the kite are made in a color that matches the colors of the kite. For example, you have the protective cap over the inflate valve and the protection over the intestinal clamps that connect the LE to the struts that are provided in an appropriate blue color instead of the black color of previous years.

This blue color can be found in the necessary reinforcements on the leading edge and trailing edge, which makes the kite a beautiful whole. Even the markings at the attachment points for the kite's steering lines have been given an appropriate blue color.

Eleveight 2021 Leading edge colors

They also added some text and explanation in various places. What kind of material is this made of or what purpose this part of the kite has. Whether this is useful is the question, but it is an extra nice detail that makes the kite even more complete and finished.

Ripstop X4 cloth

The cloth of the kite consists of the 4 double ripstop X4 technoforce from the well-known brand Tejin. In my opinion, this is by far the best canvas on the market.

Dacron reduced and therefore lighter

This year I think she applied the rule “less is more”. With that I want to say that the amount of dacron has been reduced enormously. At the wingtip, the dacron has been reduced to an absolute minimum, which is also the case at the trailing edge. This makes the kite lighter, which is beneficial in low wind situations

Eleveight kite with 3 positions

Also this year, the kite has an adjustable front bridge that makes tuning your kite even better and wider. 3 settings are possible: tip, pivot and standard. They have placed a table on the kite itself where you can see which setting you need for which type of kite session.

Which also stood out

  • What also struck me about the kite is that it has a slightly different shape than its predecessor, the leading edge turns a little faster backwards. The points of attachment have also been slightly changed.
  • For example, the 2 points of attachment for the control lines, where you can choose “more bar pressure” or “turn faster” a little closer to each other.
  • The attachment points for the bridles of the kite have also shifted slightly from last year and the attachment point itself is now made from a piece of dyneema line where it was a kind of ribbon / strap fabric in previous years.
  • At the time of the Eleveight RS v5 review, the new Eleveight kite bar was still on its way. This is due to delay in delivery due to transport problems. We hope to report our findings as soon as it is received.

Eleveight RS v5 review - the flight characteristics

  • In the air: during the 2 test days we had a fairly steady wind that averaged around 24 knots with some gusts up, ideal for me to test an 8m.
  • When you take the kite out of the bag, you can feel the 4 double ripstop cracking which belongs to a new kite.
  • Once the kite is in the air you immediately notice that this is really a stiff and tight kite. The kite responds well to your steering impulses and gives you good feedback so you always know where your kite is. The kite flies very smoothly and turns nice and fast.
  • Pulling a run with this kite is easy and maintains a good constant pressure on the bar during a run, which can control yourself well.
  • The bar pressure feels lighter and more pleasant than in previous years. I don't like a kite that drags your arms off your body and this RS certainly doesn't.
  • The kite is even better balanced compared to previous versions. This RS feels much more playful than before. Upwind sailing with this kite is like no other, I also have the feeling that this kite is easier to depower than its predecessors.
  • If you sail a little overpowered, you will have less of the feeling that you are somewhat overpowered, the kite will continue to pull less if you place it at the end of the windscreen and the power is easier to control.
  • This RS absorbs gusts of wind very well, in my opinion better than its previous versions, which makes this RS give you much more self-confidence.
  • Jumping with this kite is like no other. The RS has always had a pleasant lift and this version is just that little bit better. The RS lifts you very smoothly from the water and gives you a pleasant and easy-to-control airtime moment. During your jump you always know exactly where the kite is.
Eleveight RS v5 review

Conclusion Eleveight kite review - Eleveight RS v5

After barely 5 minutes with this kite there was a big smile on my face and it has not disappeared during the entire session. In my opinion, the RS v5 is a really successful version. The kite has been improved in all areas, in terms of looks, construction and flying characteristics. I never thought that a kite would change / improve that much between 2 versions. This Eleveight RS v5 is the kite that I will have a lot of fun with next year, I am already looking forward to my next sessions with this kite.

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  1. Hi Karel, no not a cent and not in shares ;-). As we state, we have not tested the kite ourselves so this is not an independent review by KitesurfPro itself. If I get the chance, I will definitely test it. Best was not wrong in my opinion. Also sailed several times with not 6 years like you.

  2. Do hope you get paid for this advertorial. Eleveight is pushing nicely. But my advice is to ignore them. Good stuff will prove itself. I have sailed with Best kites for 6 years (Eleveight = Best for those who did not know that yet) and that was 6 too many.

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