GKA Big Air Championship 2022 highlights

GKA Big Air Championship 2022

From June 20 to July 6, 2022, the GKA Big Air Championship 2022 was on the program of the Global Kite Sports Association. The event was held for Tarifa in Spain. Also called the kitesurfing capital of the world. The absolute top of kitesurfing was there to compete against each other in different sailing styles: twintip, strapless and kitefoil. See briefly more information about this event in this blog. We look back at the highlights.

Level increased very fast

Compared to the last Red Bull King of the Air, the level of kite surfers has risen incredibly fast. This is partly possible because it is now a top sport for professional kite surfers. They live for it. In addition, technological developments are still piling up. Even though prices are rising, there is demand for it best kitesurfing equipment that is becoming lighter, stronger and more reliable. The absolute world top benefits from this and we see new trends emerging in moves. Think of the double kiteloop, s-loop and even already combinations with these tricks.

Watch the highlights of the twintip sailing style GKA Big Air Championship 2022

Results GKA Big Air Championship 2022

Twin tip big air men

  1. Andrea Principi
  2. Liam Whaley
  3. Gil Flew
  4. Lorenzo Casatic

Twin tip big air ladies

  1. Michael Sol
  2. Zara Hoogenraad
  3. Natalie Lambrechts
  4. Michela Pilkenton

Strapless big air men

  1. Airton Cozzolino
  2. Gabriel Benton
  3. Lorenzo Casastic
  4. Camille Delannoy

Strapless big air ladies

  1. Hood Delannoy
  2. Michael Sol

Kitefoil big air

  1. Charles Brodel
  2. Jamie Overbeek
  3. Maxime Chabloz
  4. Alex Soto
Watch some highlights of the kitefoil (hydrofoil) sailing style GKA Big Air Championship 2022

Looking back GKA Big Air Championship 2022

In addition to the retrospective before this, there are plenty of retrospectives to be found online. Below we focus on the retrospective of 3 Dutch kite surfers.

Cohan van Dijk and Stig Hoefnagel

Watch Cohan and Stig look back at the GKA Big Air Championship. Both professional kite surfers continued into the third round. Cohan lost to Jessi Reichman and Stig to Liam Whailey.

Looking back GKA Big Air 2022 Cohan van Dijk and Stig Hoefnagel

Looking back Jamie Overbeek

Our Jamie Overbeek was of course also present. That Jamie big air goes with kite foiling we already knew of course, but in a competition we had not yet seen him go to the limit on the hydrofoil. Here's a cool video of him training before and during the GKA Big Air Championships 2022 kite foiling.

Looking back GKA Big Air 2022 Jamie Overbeek

On to Megaloop and King of the Air big air competitions

We look forward to the Red Bull Megaloop and the Red Bull King of the Air. You can find more about this in the links above. For now, let's reminisce about the GKA Big Air Championship 2022.

Want to learn kiteloop?

Last but not least… If you already enjoy kitesurfing yourself and want to start with the kiteloop. Then view our kiteloop explanation in which we help you get started in an accessible and safe way.

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