Jump4Life promotion: participate in your WOO

Jump4Life promotion

This is a press release from the Kite4Life Foundation. We would like to draw your attention to this Jump4Life promotion.

The idea of ​​the Kite4Life Foundation initiator Baris Soyogul is simple: use the same energy from the 'sponsor run' that you used to participate in as a child and translate this into a worldwide kitesurfing event to raise awareness and raise money for a good cause.

Jump4Life promotion

Jump4Life is the name of this new Kite4Life project. The first edition is in 2021 and it will be an annual global kitesurfing event that will be held throughout the month of May. The simple but practical idea is to collect kitesurfing money by jumping or boating. Jump4Life participants will convince as many sponsors as possible to sponsor them per meter jumped or kilometer traveled.

WOO measurement over May 2021

Baris came to the rescue with this idea WOO Sports, the # 1 brand involved in kitesurfing activities around the world. By using a WOO or their own measuring equipment, participants measure all activities throughout the month of May. WOO Sports offers an international ranking that is visible to all fans and followers of the individual kite surfers. We all use # Jump4Life2021.

WOO Sports measuring equipment for kite surfers makes Jump4Life action possible.
WOO Sports measuring equipment for kite surfers makes Jump4Life action possible.

25.000 Euros should be possible

Baris Soyogul “We think this idea is just as crazy and simple at the same time, it should be possible to raise at least 2021 euros in 25.000. We hope that all kite surfers all over the world will participate because every meter counts. ”

WOO Sports is very happy with the initiative and has no doubt confirmed their partnership with Kite4Life.

Claire Molyneux, WOO Sports Commercial Operations Manager

“Jump4Life is a COVID-proof collection concept in which everyone can participate outside in the fresh air and at a sufficient distance from others. And a match made in heaven with the mission of WOO Sports where we embrace the solo challenges of the kitesurfing community. "

Kite4Life in the starting blocks

Kite4Life is very much looking forward to organizing this event. It will be a challenge to unite worldwide kite friends to support this competition. The Kite4Life office and team is moving to Bonaire for a period of 4 months from April this year, so we look forward to having at least some local Caribbean heroes participate to raise money for Jump4Life.

Take part in the Jump4Life promotion

Go quickly to https://kite4lifefoundation.org/jump4life/ for more information and to sign up!

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