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Kite spots Netherlands. Also kitefoil spots, wingfoil spots and wingsurf spots

Are you looking for, or do you want to know more about, kite spots in the Netherlands? View our overview of kitesurf spots in which we provide insight per kite spot about how suitable the kitesurfing location is for kite surfing. We do this by showing the location and indicating in which wind direction you can kitesurf. We also give you information about the current wind, the wind forecast and as much details as possible per kite spot. Read on or scroll directly to the overview kite spots Netherlands.

Kitesurfing in the Netherlands

Where can I kite? Lots of kite spots

The Netherlands is a country with a lot of water because it borders the North Sea. So we have an entire coastline dotted with kite spots where there are also many suitable for kite surfing, kitefoiling, wing surfing and wing foiling. Whether you mainly want flat water, waves and want to be able to stand, there is literally always a spot that meets your requirements and suits your level.  

Good wind regularly

In the Netherlands, the wind blows most of the time from the southwest. This wind direction is ideal for kite surfing at many kite spots located on the North Sea.

Suitable and safe wind direction

Kite surfing is only safe with a favorable wind direction. See which This applies to all places, but certainly by the sea. In the winter months, extra caution is required.

Safety wind direction

  • Safest: side-onshore wind
  • Less safe: side-shore wind
  • Sometimes safe: onshore wind
  • Not safe: offshore wind

Tip: extensive explanation about safe wind direction.

Other crucial elements kite spots

Where can you kite surf in the Netherlands?

Kitesurfing can and may be done at many locations in the Netherlands, but not everywhere. That is why the overview of kite spots Netherlands is important to follow. In addition, even at the kite spots in the overview, sometimes it is not allowed to surf all year round. For example, there may be a ban on kite surfing in the summer months when many bathers are expected. Or at certain times of the day. There may also be a temporary ban, for example in connection with nature. Think of a breeding season. Furthermore, there may also be a ban on a specific day. For example when there is an event on the beach. Finally, the rescue brigade can determine what the situation is and what rules apply. This is indicated with a color flag.

Kitesurfing at sea

Kitesurfing at sea has its own dynamic. Some kitesurfing sports at the sea have lagoons and pools where you can kite surf at sea as well as on inland water. These kite spots also offer the ideal opportunity for it learn kitesurfing at sea.

Kite surfing on lakes and inland waters

In addition, the Netherlands also has inland waterways. We have lakes, lakes that sometimes have special kite surfing zones. Consider, for example, the IJsselmeer, Markermeer and Veerse Meer. Ideal for kite surfers who do not want to go into the waves yet or look for a suitable kite spot closer to home.

Kitefoil spots, wingfoil spots and wingsurf spots

A kitefoil spot and wingfoil spot must be sufficiently deep. Some spots have made special boarding places for kitefoiling and wing foiling. For example on the Brouwersdam.

Overview kite spots in the Netherlands current and forecast wind

Overview of kite spots per wind direction

Ameland (Hollum)xxxxxxxxx
Ameland (North Sea)xxxxxxxxx
Ameland (Wadden Sea)xxxxxxxx
Bergen by the Seaxxxxxxx
Maasvlakte (various spots)xxxxxxxxxx
Maasvlakte Slufter beachxxxxx
Den Helderxxxxxxx
Egmond aan Zeexxxxxxxx
Hoek van Hollandxxxxxxx
IJmuiden South Pierxxxxxxx
Katwijk aan Zeexxxxxxx
Kornwerder sandxxxxxxxx
Longfield shotxxxxxxxxx
Lelystad (Hoekipa Dike)xxxxxxxxx
Makkum xxxxxxxxx
Monnickendam xxxxxxxx
Neeltje Jansxxxxxxx
Schellink woodxxxxxx
Scheveningen (North)xxxxxxxxx
Scheveningen (South)xxxxxxxxx
Schiermonnikoog (North Sea)xxxxxxxxx
Terschelling (Green beach)xxxxxxxxx
Texel (lighthouse)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Texel (pole 9)xxxxxxx
Texel (pole 17)xxxxxxxxx
Wassenaar Battlexxxxxxx
Wijk aan Zee (The Bunker)xxxxxxx
Wijk aan Zee (North Pier)xxxxxxx
Sand motor (sea)xxxxxxx
Table: Overview kite spot per wind direction

Do an extra check on location

You can read a lot about the different kite spots online. This information helps to orientate you, but it is not always up to date. Moreover, you always have to do a check on location yourself.

Tips extra check kite spot on location

  • View the municipality's instruction board at the entrance to the recreation area. This gives you specific information and regulations about what is allowed and what is not.
  • Seasonal rules also sometimes apply to beaches. Note that.
  • Also check out the sailing routes of other kite surfers. Is there a pattern in this because, for example, they always kite surf in the same course? Then there is probably a reason for this. Feel free to ask kite surfers coming from the water what their experience has been or for advice.
  • In addition, ask others if there are important things you need to know, such as a row of posts in the water that you do not see at high tide but is there.
  • Furthermore, local kite surfers almost always have the best information. Make contact with a few other kite surfers together with your buddy. It makes kite surfing more fun and it makes everyone more helpful.
  • Are you too busy? Then wait until it calms down, move to another kite spot or don't go on the water.
Example Katwijk: kite spot check on location
Example instruction board for the municipality of Katwijk: always do a kite spot check on location

Tip: also view the spot map of the Dutch Kitesurf Association (NKV) agrees. With more than 100 kite spots, this is the most extensive kite spot map. You will also find appointed spot managers that can be contacted.

Abbreviations wind direction

AbbreviationWind direction
DO NOTNortheast
Table: Abbreviation wind direction

The overview of kite spots is constantly evolving. You can help with this. If you notice that the situation has changed and the information therefore needs to be adjusted, Let us know. In addition, we will create a separate page for each kite spot in the coming period in which we will go deeper into the situation per kite spot.