Is kitesurfing difficult to learn? That's how you learn it too

Is kitesurfing difficult to learn? This is how you become a kite surfer...

IIs kitesurfing hard to learn? This is a question we are often asked. The short answer to this question is no. Kitesurfing is easy to learn. Naturally you don't just kitesurf the sea on. It can also be disappointing in the beginning and you can get to a point where you think it will never work. You will then have to continue. Read what to expect.

Once you can do it you think. "It took me so long to do that."

Everyone can learn it

Our belief is that everyone can learn to kitesurf. And as stated in the instruction, kitesurfing is not difficult. But, that is easily said by the old hands among the kite surfers. We've been working on it for a while now learn to wingfoil and we feel like a newbie again. Sporty and addicted to water as we are, it takes a while before we enjoy the water. Then we're not even talking tricks. It's the same with kitesurfing. It is easy to learn but you have to really go for it and work on it.

Of course there is a difference in talent and one picks it up faster than the other. One thing is certain, it won't come to anyone, but effort pays off.

Learning kitesurfing is not difficult. You do need kitesurfing lessons if you want to start kitesurfing

Learning kitesurfing easier than ever

Yet learning kitesurfing is easier than ever before. First of all, kitesurfing lessons have been given for decades. The teaching material is getting better, safer and more user-friendly. In addition, the kitesurfing lessons training techniques and equipment have taken off. This also makes kiting less difficult to learn.

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Kitesurfing lesson necessary

Even though we state that kiting is not difficult to learn. It is definitely something not to try for yourself. Kitesurfing lessons are a valuable and, let's say, necessary investment. You also have a lot of fun when you later go out on the water with your own kitesurfing equipment. Watch a on our youtube channel movie of a kitesurfer who kitesurfs his first meters during kitesurfing lessons. That doesn't look that hard, does it?

Is kitesurfing difficult? You need that much lesson

For budding kitesurfers who really want to learn, 9 hours of kitesurfing lessons spread over 3 days are common. Sometimes people take an extra private lesson after which they are familiar enough to start kitesurfing. -Karim Chioua, Kitesurfing School Best

The number of hours of kitesurfing lessons you need can vary between 4 and more than 15 hours. Sometimes it goes faster because you already have experience with other water or board sports. Or does it take longer because you need time to familiarize yourself with the material and feel really safe and comfortable. 

Once you can kitesurf and feel familiar, you will experience wonderful moments on the water
Once you can kitesurf and feel familiar, you will experience wonderful moments on the water

Which is more difficult, kitesurfing or windsurfing?

We reflect on the question: 'Is kitesurfing difficult to learn?' Compared to other water sports, kitesurfing is relatively easy to learn. The learning curve compared to, for example, windsurfing is faster and a kitesurfer will be more advanced after his first year. Kitesurfing is more difficult to learn than wakeboarding, for example, because the work with the kite is more technical. In fact, with kitesurfing you learn two sports at the same time; surfing on a board and kiting (kite flying). Kitesurfing becomes easier to learn every year and is increasingly accessible to a wider target group of participants.


  1. I started windsurfing in the late 80's. At the water you only saw young boys/men and a few 50+. Reason: it takes (too) much physical strength to learn to windsurf. Now the boards are wider these days and the sails and rest of the equipment are lighter, but the fact remains that when there is water on your sail in choppy water you have to get this sail out of the water with a combination of power and technique. I've been kitesurfing for a few years now and I'm 45+ and on the water I see people of all ages and genders hanging under a kite. From a young ladies of just 45 kg to large gray tigers of + 65 years and 100 kg. The stability and power comes from the kite, in contrast to windsurfing where the rider is an essential part of the rigging and must therefore have the necessary power and stability. Today's kites are so advanced, stable and predictable that when you have had a good lesson you can safely continue practicing and accidents can be prevented. Power is nothing without control.

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