Kitesurf photo series Maasvlakte 27 March 2021

Kitesurfing Maasvlakte photo series 27 March 2021

Beautiful kite surfing weather today at many kite surfing spots in the Netherlands. This is also the case on the Maasvlakte. 8 degrees with a sun and the occasional cloud is already beautiful. We also had a favorable wind direction of about 20 knots. In the morning a lot harder, but from 12 o'clock it dropped slightly as predicted.

Kitesurfing Maasvlakte Slufter

The atmosphere is good so early in the year. We again encountered kite surfers for which it was the first time this year or indicated that it had been months since they had been on the water. We also took some pictures in between kite surfing. You may still run into yourself. Enjoy!

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