Kitesurf wind: weather and wind forecast

Kitesurf wind - Weather and wind forecast
View the best weather and wind forecast via the links on our weather and wind pages

On this page and sub pages you can read everything about kitesurfing wind. For example, the current wind speed today, the current weather situation and water level. In addition to the current wind, we also have the best links for weather and wind forecast. It is always important to ask yourself: "Can I kite surf today?" Read here what to pay attention to. Tip: save this page to your home screen of your smartphone (that is how it works).

Windy wind force data

How much wind do you need to be able to kite surf?

A nice wind force to start kite surfing, practice and kite surfing is between 14 - 22 knots (wind force 4 - 6). Very experienced kite surfers even go on the water at more than 27 knots (wind force 7). Check it out too wind force conversion table that helps to estimate the wind better. It also shows you how Beaufort (Bft), Meters per second (m / s), kilometers per hour (km / h) and knots relate to each other.

Kitesurfing can be done even at 8 - 16 knots (wind force 3 - 4). With a super high performance foil kite and special hydrofoil kitesurf board, you can even kitesurf from 5 to 6 knots. look at the 3 combinations for kite surfing with little wind.

Which size kite with which wind?

To give you an idea of ​​which size kite (size of the kitesurf kite) suits your weight and the wind force, view it which size kite overview.

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