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wind force today
Check out the wind force today. Compare the sources for the best information.

How strong is the wind today? On this page and subpages you can view everything about wind. For example, the current wind force today, the current weather situation and water level. In addition to the current wind, we also have the best links for the weather and wind forecast. We translate this into kitesurfing and wing foiling. For example, it is always important to ask yourself the question: “Can I go kitesurfing today?” Read here what to pay attention to. Tip: save this page to your home screen of your smartphone (that is how it works).

Best wind power today data

Windy current and wind forecast

Windy wind force forecast shows both the current wind force today and the wind forecast. Furthermore, the wind direction forecast up to 2 days ahead. You can also click on the legend and, for example, view the expected wind gusts and zoom in per location. This way you can see how hard the wind is blowing today for your own home town or location.

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Current wind: current wind force

Current wind force today per kitespot in the Netherlands - is a specially created wind data website with current wind force data today including questions from more than 30 kite spots. The wind direction is also specifically indicated for each kite spot. Wind data from Windfinder is shown for the wind forecast per kite spot. With you can immediately see how hard the wind is blowing now.

Firestorm: Current wind speed vs forecast with tide

Wind forecast, current wind and tide at is an initiative of Karel. His integrated graphs provide a good overview of Brouwerdam, Hoek van Holland, IJmuiden and Den Helder. Both of the current wind and gusts. In addition, the wind forecast for the coming hours, including water levels.

KNMI: wind direction, wind force and gusts

how hard is the wind today is the specific Dutch Meteorological Institute. You can check whether there are any warnings. If so, which code is in effect. In addition, you have different maps and tables. For example, the current wind force (bft), wind speed (m/s) and wind gusts (km/h).

Rijkswaterstaat: current wind strength today and wind forecast

how hard the wind blows

Op you will find a dynamic map of the Netherlands with the current wind force and a legend. You can also select 3 options for the wind forecast in many locations.

Rainfall radar: wind chill

The perceived temperature (wind chill) is calculated on the basis of the measured temperature and the wind speed. After all, the colder it is and the stronger the wind, the colder it feels. Read more about wind chill of consult the current wind chill.

Snow Radar: Snowfall and Forecast

Snow radar for current snowfall and expected snow in cm in the Netherlands

In addition to the links to the best sources for current wind strength today and wind forecast for kite surfers, here is a link to a snow radar. For snowkiters especially a link to rain radar snow radar with the current snowfall and snow forecast in the Netherlands.

Wind forecast subpages

In addition to the best links to the current wind force today, the subpages below. For example, to information about wind forecast (2) a few days ahead.