Kitesurfing 2021 - Dealing with waiting for new material

Kitesurfing 2021

Recently, there was talk of a silent problem for kite surfing 2021. This could be related to the fact that kitesurf, but also wingsurf and windsurf, manufacturers are faced with enormous shortages. Shortages of raw materials and materials to be able to produce kites, wings, sails etc. The kitesurf shops also suffer from it and you may experience this too. In this kitesurfing blog we briefly explain what the background is and give you a number of tips on how to deal with this.

Background scarcity kitesurfing 2021

The scarcity of raw materials is great

Due to Covid-19 it has been mining raw materials and their processing into basic materials has been delayed. This cannot simply be made up for and sectors still have to deal with lower productivity. This is a problem for many producers. In addition to the fact that they themselves are still struggling with lower productivity, they also do not have enough equipment to meet the demand in kite surfing in 2021. Sometimes production processes have even come to a complete standstill.

Containers are sometimes not available

In some countries, the balance in container availability has been disrupted. There are too few containers available in one place and many empty containers in another. This is not easy to solve because sailing boats with empty containers is not a good option. Transporting kitesurfing equipment by air as an alternative is expensive.

Availability of kitesurfing equipment under pressure

The signs of scarcity were already there last year. The demand for kitesurfing products also increased then and it was expected that kite surfing and other wind sports would become even more popular in 2021. This has partly led to much larger orders from wholesalers and retailers. So hoarding while production often could not handle this.

Kitesurfing 2021 and beyond

Desired kitesurfing material later

It is possible that you are already waiting for an order. Or that you will be confronted with this when you place an order in the coming period. It is also possible that the color that you want so badly has not yet arrived.

Expected price hikes

Raw materials and transportation costs are expected to become more expensive. Wages have also become more expensive in many countries. As a result, it seems inevitable that prices for kite surfing and other wind sports will rise in 2021 and beyond.

Second-hand kitesurfing equipment is more expensive

Where we saw enough second-hand kitesurfing equipment at the beginning of last kitesurfing season, this is now also drying up. These prices are also rising. Then we wrote that you for about 800 Euro one complete second-hand kitesurf set could purchase less than 5 years old. Such a set is now almost impossible to find for this price. And when buying bargains, make sure you no cat in the bag buys.

Kitesurfing equipment 2021 - Tips for dealing with scarcity

Tips kitesurfing 2021

Dealing with waiting for new kitesurfing equipment is not that easy. Not even for the kitesurf shops. They often do everything they can to give you good advice and to keep you informed. So understanding is in order. If you still want to make choices, you can think of the following choices:

  • Ask the employee of the kitesurf shop for advice and be honest. Once the material has been produced and is actually on its way, it is only a matter of time. Is there nothing to report about this? Then consider another choice unless you are patient.
  • Be the first. Make sure you have a pre-order and claim the material as soon as the shipment has been delivered.
  • Color. Is your desired product in stock but in a different color. Then consider going for the other color.
  • Consider new material that is available or new obsolete material. So new material but from a previous season.
  • Go ahead second-hand kitesurfing equipment. Then make sure that you do not pay an extortionate price. Sometimes an offer for a kitesurf set or loose equipment is priced almost the same as second-hand equipment.
  • Continue kitesurfing with your current equipment and make sure it stays in order. In the meantime, be patient and wait to sell your current material until you have the new one in your hands.

We are curious about your experience regarding deliveries. Are you currently waiting for kite surfing 2021 material or have you recently grabbed next to a kite, kiteboard, wing or a part? Maybe you have even canceled your ordered kitesurfing equipment and have you gone for an alternative? Let us know in a comment below or via one of the social media updates.

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