Kitesurfing April - April does what he wants. Tips for kiters

Kitesurfing April in the Netherlands
Kitesurfing in April in the Netherlands - This is what awaits you as a kite surfer. Photo: Iris Everts

In this kitesurf blog kitesurfing April we hope to give you insight into what awaits you as a kitesurfer in April in the Netherlands. The kitesurfing season has certainly not started yet for every kite surfer. However, in March, when it was just as warm, we met kite surfers who we had not seen on the water for months. We also saw Dutch kite surfers who had chosen to hibernate in warm places return. What is in any case a big plus is that the time has been changed at the end of March. This way we can slowly start kite surfing again in the evenings.

April does what he wants

We broke another one at the end of March heat record. It has never been so warm in March. We also saw more crowds on the beaches and fun around the mobile coffee shops. Now it is changeable again and that is exactly the keyword for kite surfing in April. Experience has shown that it can freeze, rain, snow or hail in April, but that it can also be very hot in this month under a clear blue sky.

Kitesurfing in April. Many kite surfers go for it again as soon as the water temperature is 10 degrees. Photo: Iris Everts
Kitesurfing in April. Many kite surfers go for it again as soon as the water temperature is 10 degrees while others do not care. Photo: Iris Everts

Average April temperature is rising

The average temperature in April over the past 10 years is 10,2 degrees. In March this was still 6,4 degrees. So you see that the averages now quickly rise to higher temperatures. This, of course, does not say anything about the possible extreme periods in a month.

The average temperature in April is 10,2 degrees.

Average water temperature is rising

Where the average temperature of the sea water was 6 degrees in March, it rises to 8 degrees in April. We may have left the months with the coldest water temperatures behind us, but 8 degrees is still cold. The average inland water temperature is even colder. Many kitesurfing start kite surfing again when the water temperature is at least 10 degrees. There is nothing wrong with this.

The average water temperature in April is 8 degrees. Just a little warmer than in March.

Kitesurfing April. Extra insulation is not a superfluous luxury. Photo: Iris Everts

Be sensible if you go kite surfing in April

The fact is that the temperature of the weather and water will rise on average in the coming weeks. Yet the water is still ice cold. Your body loses heat much faster in the water than in the open air. So pay attention because hypothermia is a risk that is often recognized too late. The advice is short sessions and to stop or warm up as soon as you notice that you are getting tired. Also, do not sail too far and only go out on the water is out of the question. Which of course is always unwise anyway. Beginners are advised to re-enter the water around a water temperature of approximately 10 degrees. Read everything you need to know about kite surfing in the cold months.

Average wind force is decreasing

In April the wind blows more than 25 knots on average 7% of the time. 7 knots is about the lower limit to be able to kitefoiling. In March this was still 41%. As a reference we have taken the Wassenaarseslag location for this data. The chance of wind therefore decreases compared to the winter months. April is statistically a month in which there is not often strong wind and even in terms of wind it is on average slightly below the summer months. Less kiting in April? In the context of 'April does what it wants' we will see how we will be treated to wind this month.

Correct thickness wetsuit kite surfing April

We are still in the coldest months. You notice it well on a cloudy rainy day. You don't even have to be by the sea for that. It is therefore still the time for at least a 5/4 mm wetsuit. A wetsuit must also fit well so that the insulation is optimal. We have advice on the correct wetsuit thickness for you. In fact, you cannot ignore the use of neoprene surf shoes. In addition, you see almost all kite surfers with neoprene caps, gloves and wind jackets. All extra insulation is still welcome and preferably as flexible as possible.

Kitesurfing April - A little sun or a little extra light immediately makes it more pleasant. Photo: Iris Everts
Kitesurfing April - A little sun or a little extra light immediately makes it more pleasant. Photo: Iris Everts

Kitesurfing April - This year is different

In March we also encountered an unprecedented number of kite surfers on the water. It was pleasantly busy. This has to do with the 'Corona effect'. Kite surfers who normally go on a kite surfing holiday in the winter now stay in the Netherlands. Also kite surfers who like winter sports are now wrapped up in kitesurfing. After all, it is also a very cool sport and also Corona proof. On beautiful days in April, we expect a lot more kite surfers than during previous years.

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