Kitesurfing explanation - A kitesurfing manual

Kitesurfing explanation - A kitesurfing manual
Is kitesurfing your dream or do you want to get better at it? View all kitesurfing explanations. In the photo Michelle van Barneveld with the Duotone Rebel SLS.

Kitesurfing is a wonderful sport. For us, communicating about the sport is a bonus to kite surfing itself. We are happy to explain kitesurfing in our kitesurfing news items and permanent pages on the site. On this page you will find a very complete explanation of kite surfing. Think of it as a kitesurf manual or kite surfing manual. We are happy to explain topics that you have to deal with in kite surfing here.

Start with kite surfing explanation

Learning to kite surf is easier than ever before. Kitesurfing lessons have been given for over 20 years and the material is getting better, safer and more user-friendly. The kitesurf lesson, training techniques and equipment have also taken off. Kitesurfing lessons are a valuable and, say, a necessary investment. You have a lot of fun when you later go on the water with your own kitesurfing equipment.

Kitesurfing for beginners in 10 steps

Is kite surfing your dream and do you want to start it. Especially for this we have created an FAQ and 10 step plan for you.

From beginner to advanced

Check out the kitesurfing levels and read when we think you are a beginner. A bulky but very interesting and educational piece about kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing for beginners - the levels
The life course of a kitesurfer with an indication of the skill level. Read the full explanation.

Kitesurf manual academy subjects

For kite surfers who want to get even more out of their kitesurfing session. A number of useful and inspiring explanation of kite surfing articles. Continuing with kite surfing often also means more ambition on the water. 😉

kitesurf tricks

Buy kitesurfing set or kitesurfing equipment

Purchase used kitsurf kit or equipment

Lease kitesurf set

Kitesurfing rules - explanation of kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is subject to rules. Kitesurfing rules in the Netherlands are per kitesurfing location about where you can and cannot kite surf. There are also rules for kite surfing on the water. These apply internationally. It is important that kite surfers know the rules on the beach and the water.

Kitesurfing equipment

To kite surf you need a kite (kite). Kites come in different shapes and sizes. Sizes are indicated in square meters (m2). There are also different types of kites. The main difference is between the inflatable kites and kites that fill themselves with air. Like, for example, a parachute also fills itself with air. There are also many variations within the types of kites. For example, kites specifically aimed at golf riding or to be able to jump high.


More about kites

Kiteboards - explanation of kite surfing

As with kitesurf kites, there are different kitesurf boards. Each with its own details that suit the riding style of the kite surfer. After your kitesurfing lesson you will probably soon purchase your own kitesurfing set. Precisely because you want to get back on the water as soon as possible. In the beginning you preferably work with a kitesurfing buddy. We explain the differences in the explanation of kite surfing.

More about kiteboards

Kitesurfing equipment other: harnesses and neoprene

You have probably already experienced during your kitesurfing lessons that kitesurfing equipment is super important. You can't really do anything without a trapeze and a warm wetsuit is not a luxury. In addition, kitesurfing equipment also offers protection. You can also not actually get on the water without neoprene shoes at some kite surfing locations. Furthermore, a wetsuit with long legs and sleeves protects. For example for the arms and legs against chafing marks from the sand.

Repair kitesurfing equipment

Kitesurf forecast wind speed

Determine if you can and it is wise to go kite surfing. That is where it starts. For this it is wise to look at the wind force from different sources. You can compare these and take an average. This will give you an optimal indication of how hard it is blowing and how hard it will blow. This is necessary information during your planned kitesurfing session. Everyone knows that the wind and weather can also be treacherous. Anticipate that and be sensible.

Explanation kitesurfing in winter

Kitesurf advocacy organizations

Organizations with a vision and mission about our sport. They are in close contact with society, other water sports enthusiasts, municipalities and government organizations. Also on a global level. For example with the organization of kite surfing at the Olympic Games in 2024. Organizations are formed by people with a passion for the sport. Often fellow kite surfers. We are happy with that and careful with it.

The Netherlands


Explanation kitesurfing Olympic

During the 2024 Olympic Games, kite surfing will enter the Olympic sailing program. We are following this closely. The Olympic games kite surfing is finally a fact within the sailing program.

On this page you will find a very complete explanation of kite surfing. Both for the novice kite surfer and the advanced kite surfer. We have listed and explained the most important topics for you. Think of it as a kind of kitesurf manual. It Download kitesurf manual. In addition, it is important to know that this explanation of kite surfing is regularly updated. So come back again or put this page in your favorites. You can also share it with friends or acquaintances for whom it could be interesting. Follow the site or our Facebook page for updates. If, in your opinion, important information is missing, Let us know.

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