Olympic games kite surfing

Olympics kitesurfing during the 2024 Olympics
Olympics kitesurfing during the 2024 Olympics

Kitesurfing will enter the Olympic sailing program during the 2024 Olympic Games. We are following this closely. The Olympic games kite surfing is finally a fact within the sailing program. On this page you will find all the information in the prelude to the Olympic kitesurfing games.

Publicity for sailing and kite surfing

It is clear that kitesurfing will receive more publicity in its entirety. And vice versa, of course. Because the kitesurf racing discipline is linked to sailing, sailing will also receive more publicity. And let's be honest, how cool does kitesurf racing look like.

Formula Kite material selected

For the so-called Formula Kite, the material with which to surf for the medals meets strict criteria. This is to create a level playing field for all teams. To achieve this, a registration and selection procedure has been followed. The kitesurfing industry and suppliers could participate in this. The International Kitesurfing Association (IKA) who took care of the registration and selection communicated the choices. So are Levitaz R5, Bionic P110 HW and the Ozone R1V4 approved with hydrofoil systems and a foil kite (RAM-air).

This way kite surfing could become Olympic

The only way in which kite surfing could enter was through sailing. Within the sailing classes it was most logical that kite surfing within the sailing program would take kitesurf race as a starting point. So no riding styles like freestyle, big air or whatever racing. Because the number of sailing medals was not allowed to grow, the two 470 class boats have been combined into one mixed two-person boat. A boat with one man and one woman. For example, the sailing discipline has made one of the forgivable Olympic medals available to kite surfing. Windsurfing is also still on the program. Watch more explanations and a video about how kite surfing became Olympic.

Check out how a Formula Kite race went at the 2020 European Championships.

Kitesurfing Olympic: form 'Kitefoil mixed relay'

The kitefoil mixed relay is the new Olympic discipline. In the 'kitefoil mixed team relay' each team consists of one man and one woman. It is a relay or relay race in which teams compete against each other. In 2020, the Dutch duo Sven van de Kamp and Mariska Wildenberg already practiced with this. This was during it European Kitefoiling Championship. View more information about the kitefoil mixed relay competition format.

Mixed Kiteboarding official term

So far we always talk about the Olympic games kite surfing. This is also how the media often writes about it. International is the name that is often used Formula Kite. The Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) calls it 'Mixed Kiteboarding' in its reports.

Mixed Kiteboarding during the Olympics kitesurfing

Kitefoil Cup Holland unites with kitesurfing association NKV

De Kitefoil Cup Holland has grown enormously in the Netherlands in the past 4 years as an organization of kitefoil competitions in the Netherlands. During this period, kitefoiling in the Netherlands but also internationally has grown enormously. Not only because kitefoiling greatly enriches kite surfing. After all, you can already below 10 knots have a lot of fun. But also because kitefoiling an Olympic discipline kitesurfing within the sailing program will be during the 2024 Olympic games.

Working towards the 2024 Olympics

The organization of volunteers has been working closely with the Watersports Association. This in preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games, where the Netherlands naturally has the ambition to come back with gold.

Ode to founders Kitefoil Cup Holland

Evan Kruger, Koen Boterman and Sander de Kok deserve a big compliment for bringing Kitesurf Cup Holland to where it is today. With the support of the NKV, they can continue to concentrate 100% on the matches. Good luck and we will follow you closely. View more information about it the merger of Kitefoil Cup Holland into the NKV Kitefoil Cup Holland.

Kite Foil Team Netherlands

The fact is that in the Netherlands a group of talented kite surfers has been working on this new discipline for some time. For example, there was a European Championship in 2020. In addition, Formal Kite is also on the program at the World Sailing Championships 2022 in The Hague. The ultimate goal of Kite Foil Team Netherlands is of course a medal at the Olympic Games 2024.

Windsurfing also wind foiling at the 2024 Olympics

Many current windsurfing championships, for example the Olympic class RS: X, are still with traditional windsurf boards. However, this type of windsurf board will be replaced by an Olympic surfboard for the 2024 Olympic Games: the wind foil. The Olympic class is called iQfoil. Just like with kitefoiling, the windsurfer floats above the water with wing foiling thanks to the special foil construction (mast, fuselage, front wing and back wing). This iQfoil class wingfoil material makes wing foiling a race and is incredibly fast.

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