Kitesurfing in May in the Netherlands. This awaits you

Kitesurfing in May
Do not be put off, at the bottom of the blog also a filmpe with beautiful conditions for many kite surfer.

In this kitesurf blog kitesurfing May, we hope to give you insight into what to expect as a kitesurfer in May in the Netherlands. We also look back at last year's tragic surf drama in which the girl pop played a role. The wind forecast is favorable to us at the beginning of May. The first days start quietly, but after that, changeable weather with a lot of wind is quickly predicted.

Kitesurfing season starts in May

The kitesurfing season is about to start now for every kite surfer. Kitesurfing lessons are also given plenty of time in May on suitable days. It will be much busier on the water on the nice days. It is very nice that we can also kite surf until later in the evening. In favorable circumstances, you can, for example, get out on the water in the evening after your working day. It's also nice that the curfew has been canceled. Then you can take your time in the evening. If you go during the day, you can even grab a terrace after your session. You can also again without an appointment to one of the kitesurf shops. How cool is that!

Wise to go kite surfing?

Nevertheless, it remains to pay attention and use your common sense, especially in May. The video below was added last year on May 10, 2020. I thought it was breathtaking but to be honest, even with 20+ years of experience, I was on the water with a pinched butt. Read what to look for to determine whether it is wise to go kite surfing. By the way, don't be put off, because at the bottom of this blog I will show you how it could be different in April in exactly the same place.

Average temperature in May is rising

The average temperature in May over the past 10 years is 13,3 degrees. In April this was still 10,7 degrees. So you see that the averages now quickly rise to higher temperatures. This, of course, does not say anything about the possible extreme periods in a month.

The average temperature in April is 13,3 degrees.

Average water temperature is rising

Where the average temperature of the sea water was 8 degrees in April, it will rise to 11 degrees in May. We have left the months with the coldest water temperatures behind us. The average temperature of the inland waters is from now on warmer than the sea water.

Many kite surfers start kite surfing again when the water temperature is at least 10 degrees. There is nothing wrong with this and now is the time for them to choose the open sea.

Symbol in memory of deceased body surfers

Meisop: don't be surprised

Speaking of suds. I guess it is in everyone's memory that last year 5 surfers have died off the coast of Scheveningen. The logo with the five fish 'In memory of those we have lost' is still widely shared and has been given a permanent place. Our thoughts still go out to the loved ones of the deceased surfers. How they will be missed every day. It is clear that the 'girl sop', as the annually recurring sea foam in May is also called, played a role in the drama. It has also made the search and rescue of drowning people incredibly difficult or impossible. A number of kite surfers also got into trouble last year and lost their kiteboad because of the girls' summit. Recognize the danger of the girl and be sensible.

Average wind force in May

In May the wind blows more than 23 knots on average 7% of the time. 7 knots is pretty much the lower limit to be able to kitefoiling. As a reference we have location for this data Noordwijk aan Zee taken. The chance of wind compared to January, for example, is a lot smaller, but again just a little higher than in April. Statistically speaking, May is a month in which there is not often strong wind and even in terms of wind it is on average slightly below the summer months. For now it looks like we will be treated to a lot of wind at the beginning of May.

Correct thickness wetsuit kitesurfing in May

We are no longer in the coldest months. Of course it is still cold on a cloudy rainy day and there may still be night frost. You don't even have to be by the sea for that. It is therefore the time of the year for a 5/4 mm wetsuit. A wetsuit must also fit well so that the insulation is optimal. We have advice on the correct wetsuit thickness for you.

Kitesurfing in May. I already took off my shoes on this beautiful day in April ...

Kitesurfing in May ... Neoprene shoes, caps, gloves and windbreakers are still commonly used in this period. At one point in April I left them in the bag myself. But watch out. My sessions don't last for hours and I am not cold. The advice remains to ensure good insulation. That is so comfortable. Also to stop on time in case of fatigue or cooling down. This is so safe.

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  1. Hello Arjan,

    Nice piece on the right track.
    It has been a few years since we sailed together with my Kitemaat Paul

    Greetings from Schouwen

    1. Hi Jacques, thank you. That has indeed been a while since we sailed together. Those were also beautiful and pleasant moments. Say hello to Paul and hopefully we'll catch another session. See you

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