Kitesurfing schools overview for kitesurfing lessons

Kitesurfing schools overview for kitesurfing lessons
Kitesurfing lesson - Water start. Let's go!

Kitesurfing lessons are a valuable and, say, a necessary investment. First of all, because kite surfing is not something to try. You have to learn it and you do that with kitesurflessen. In addition, you have a lot of fun as soon as you go on the water with your own kitesurfing equipment. That is why we have put together an overview of kite surfing schools for you.

Where do you take kitesurfing lessons?

A kite surfing course can take you throughout the Netherlands or Belgium. NatuuYou can also take kite surfing lessons abroad. The best thing is of course a kite surfing course in your immediate vicinity. Or at one of the kite surfing locations where you later want to go kite surfing yourself. Then you immediately get to know the kite spot well.

Kitesurfing schools that provide kitesurfing lessons in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Do you also want to start kitesurfing? Take lessons at one of the kitesurfing schools.

Overview kitesurfing schools

There are a total of almost 50 in the Netherlands that we have contacted. We now have nice contact with some of them. The overview includes the data of the kitesurfing schools that have given us permission to show their data. Recently we were able to add another kitesurfing school to the list.

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From which month do the kitesurfing lessons start?

Kitesurfing lessons can in principle be given all year round. Some kitesurfing schools have special winter packages. The advantage is that the wind blows more often and is calmer in the winter months. The downside, of course, is the cold. This can be avoided with a good wetsuit, shoes, gloves and a cap. But, this must of course be something for you. To be fair: in the summer months it is a lot more pleasant and nicer to master kitesurfing. Most kitesurf courses start from April. This is also the time when most students go for it. It is important to know that kitesurfing in winter not recommended for beginners. If you do go, go below very strict conditions.

You learn the first meter of kitesurfing at a kitesurfing school with kitesurfing lessons
You learn the first meter of kitesurfing at a kitesurfing school with kitesurfing lessons.

This is how lessons at kitesurf schools go

For starters, there are different types of kitesurfing lessons. You can take private lessons or choose to take lessons in a group. Both options are available at almost every kitesurfing school and have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you take lessons in a group, you will have a little more rest during the lesson because you perform the exercises in turn. This also helps you to see how others are doing and you learn from that too. Group lessons are generally with 3 aspiring kite surfers at a time. View here in detail how a typical kitesurfing lesson goes and you learn kitesurfing.

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