KOTA 2021 – Updates Red Bull King of the Air 2021

KOTA 2021: Marc Jacobs (1), Kevin Langeree (2) and Stig Hoefnagel (3) celebrate their achievements
Marc Jacobs (1), Kevin Langeree (2) and Stig Hoefnagel (3) celebrate their achievements

Updates KOTA 2021. We follow the Red Bull King Of The Air 2021 closely. In this kitesurf blog we share the updates and most important links with you. If you read on, you will also find the blogs in the run-up to KOTA 2021 with cool videos. 100% inspiration as far as we're concerned. Especially for those who are still working on it like me training is for the megaloop. Also view the KOTA 2022 updates.

Highlights and interviews from the Red Bull King Of The Air 2021.

Updated November 21, 2021

Winners announced

What a wonderful event it has been. It passed very quickly and the inspiration was unprecedented. We will report in more detail soon, but if you have time, be sure to check it out via Red Bull TV.

Top 3 Red Bull King Of The Air 2021

  1. Marc Jacobs (New Zealand)
  2. Kevin Langeree (Netherlands)
  3. Stig Hoefnagel (Netherlands)
Winners Red Bull King of the Air 2021. 1. Marc Jacobs; 2. Kevin Langeree; 3. Stig Hoof Nail
Winners Red Bull King of the Air 2021. 1. Marc Jacobs; 2. Kevin Langeree; 3. Stig Hoof Nail

It is very cool for the Dutch kite surfers to mention that our Giel Vlugt finished in 4th place. Lasse Walker lost to Stig in heat 13.

Updated November 20, 2021

End of day 1, on to day 2

Somewhat cloudy and with milder winds than used to, the first round is kitesurfing. We mainly saw participants compete with 10 meter kites for the highest scores and best overall impression.

Below the final standings after day 1 and the following heats. You can read the overview as follows. Round 1 is completed today. Round 2 will start as soon as possible. The kitesurfers mentioned in round 3 have actually already qualified for the quarterfinals due to their performance in round 1.

Final standings day 1 Red Bull King Of The Air 2021
Final standings day 1 Red Bull King Of The Air 2021. Read above how to read the schedule.

We still see Michael Mac Donald in the schedule. Unfortunately, he is not participating due to an injury sustained while training. Annoying for Michael, he was obviously looking forward to taking part.

KOTA 2021
Reporter Youri Zoon questions Angely Bouillot. Angely is the only KOTA 2021 kite girl.

Updated November 18, 2021

Wind window is open

The wind window will be open on Thursday 18 November. Conditions should be favorable from Saturday. The Cape wind in combination with the wind direction and surf makes the spot beautiful for this kitesurfing event. The line-up features 18 of the best kite surfers in the world. This year there are also 4 Dutch people:

  • Gil Flew
  • Kevin Langeree
  • Lasse Walker
  • Stig Hoefnagel

Good luck gentlemen!

Follow KOTA live

This event will be broadcast live on Saturday on Red Bull TV with Dutch commentary by Ruben Lenten and Gijs Wassenaar.

KOTA 2021
Lasse Walker in action at KOTA 2019. Photo courtesy of Red Bull.

Update January 2021

we got it message in that the Red Bull King of the Air 2021 (KOTA 2021) has been postponed to November/December 2021.

Update December 2020

Video selection Red Bull King Of The Air completed

Watch the process and the results of the video selection which has been completed. During this period in 2020, Cape Town's beaches were also closed due to Covid-19.

Update December 2020

Closing date passed KOTA 2020 and 2021

DThe closing date has passed and we are now waiting for December 10th. Then the Red Bull will announce the participants. Loved the recently Cold Hawaii Big Air in Denmark to the Red Bull King of the Air (KOTA) 2021 in Cape Town. Kevin Langeree, three times KOTA winner, has already succeeded. How proud he must have been. Not least because Kevin in the year in which he made the kitesurfing brand Reedin has already won such a cool prize. But also because he was immediately assured of participation in the Red Bull King of the Air 2021. But now that we see all entry videos, it is still a bit of a swallow. What are they full of inspiration!

KOTA - Red Bull King of the Air 2021

KOTA 2021 - Red Bull Events

The Red Bull King of the Air is part of Red Bull Events and has been the kitesurfing competition that highlights the sport in its most extreme form for years. Big Air is the requested sailing style in which participating kite surfers have to pull out all the stops to jump as high as possible. In addition, the high jump must also be as extreme as possible. For example by megaloops in combination with one or even more (combined) tricks.

Video selection KOTA for kite surfers

Entries could be submitted according to restrictions. Entry videos could be submitted by anyone from any part of the world. The closing date was November 30. Some hurry was of course required for the kiters who have been waiting for the perfect conditions. Fortunately there is wind there the last weekends before the deadline. 😉 On December 10, it will be announced who has passed the selection and can participate in the KOTA.

32 Video entries submitted

We now come across almost all the number of submitted kitesurf videos online. Each one very spectacular. Enjoy the inspiration while sipping a hot chocolate. Or go for participation or a spectacular one yourself mega run...

Marc Jacobs

Pippa van Irish

Kaimar Halliste

Sam Light

Mike from Get High with Mike 😉

Edgar Ulrich

Ryan Parsons

Michael Schipper

Andrea Principi

Ross Dillon Player

Kenan Azzam

Denise Petersen

Aurelien Petreau

Paul Serin

Arthur Guillebert

Rangin Antonin

Lewis Crathern

Gijs Wassenaar

Steve Mul

Janek Grzegorzewskiz

Eric Iida

Clement Huoto

Shaun Bennett

Luke Gramstrup

Airton Cozzolino Lopes

Stig Hoefnagel

Tom Bridge

Lasse Walker

Giel Vlugt – King of the Air 2021

Jamie Overbeek KOTA entry video

Sean Overbeek

Liam Whaley

Vetea Boersma

Nicholas Gambier

Update August 1, 2020

Red Bull Kind of the Air Netherlands - Red Bull Megaloop

There is no Red Bull King of the Air in the Netherlands. However, Dutch kite surfers like Reuben Spring are the founders of the kitesurf megaloop. Red Bull has even turned the megaloop into an event in the Netherlands. The Red Bull Megaloop. The Red Bull Megaloop is together with the Red Bull King of the Air the most extreme kitesurfing event in the world. At the Red Bull Megaloop, the intention is that when the storm hits the Netherlands, kite surfers are challenged to show their biggest megaloops. View the schedule of kitesurfing competitions.

KOTA 2021

The Red Bull King of the Air (KOTA) 2021 will be held between January 30 and February 14, 2021. We will follow it closely and share the coolest and most important news from the participants and the Red Bull organization with you.

Also go for a megaloop, read here how to get started →


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