Low wind alternative and tip for beginners: power kiting with the Hawk


A game of power kiting has never bored me. Anyway, I was already an avid kite-flyer before kitesurfing came along. My wife doesn't like it. She compares my kite hobby to men who play with trains in the attic. Nothing wrong with that and hopefully I will convince her with my video to hang on a strong power kite. 100% sure she will change her mind.

Hawk power kite

This Hawk (Havik) is a DIY build but is also just for sale. It is a power kite equipped with 10 mm carbon poles. He is wonderfully bright and fast. An all-rounder. In addition, it can generate enormous pulling power. The video shows the Hawk in action at about 14 knots. How do you think the Hawk pulls at 28 knots? Very hard I can tell you.  

Power kiting with the Hawk at about 14 knots.

Power kiting as a workout and training for beginners

Are you interested in kitesurfing and do you want to practice yourself before you get lessons? You could then consider fixed via a kitesurf shop to purchase a small mattress kite with depower. This way you can make kiting your own.

I highly recommend power kiting for aspiring kite surfers, avid kite surfers or kite surfers who still want a nice kite surf-related work-out. Especially by the sea. The wind is much more stable than inland and sniffing the salty sea air makes many happy. It also gives you strong hands and arms. Pump with those arms!

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