Makai Beach IJmuiden - Interview Joris van Essen

Makai Beach IJmuiden

You start kite surfing by taking kitesurfing lesson. No sooner said than done, I took lessons at Makai Beach in IJmuiden and I also took a private lesson twice. Together with instructor and owner of Makai, Joris van Essen, I got down to work. For me a top experience that I am now building on with kite surfing. I already noticed that Joris is a unique kite surfer. He loves the sport, has a kite surfing school, is involved in the kite sport and also runs the Makai Beachclub in Hawaiian style on the beach of IJmuiden. Reason enough for a short interview about my contact with him.

How did you come into contact with kite surfing?

“I always used to windsurf a lot at a high level. Traveled around the world for competitions but always felt at home at sea in IJmuiden. In order to spend as little time as possible on working because of the top sport, I started giving kite lessons instead of working at the Albert Heijn when I was 16. ”

Makia Beach IJmuiden - Joris van Essen. Photo by Reinier Snijders.

How did Makai originate from that period?

“During this period I completed the ALO in order to be able to offer high quality lessons to help people quickly and effectively with their kitesurfing adventure. I did this from my own van and taught where the wind was best. Still, I missed something. A place in IJmuiden where we can all beers and hang out by the fire and that's how Makai was created. ”

What does Makai Beach IJmuiden stand for?

"Makai is Hawaiian for the sea, a place where we are at home and where we can all enjoy together."

Joris, I have never been to Hawaii Joris, but the atmosphere is certainly relaxed. It's chill and I always love that everyone can walk into your wetsuit. There is a relaxed casual atmosphere. That also what you always radiate 'welcome to the Makai family'.

Kitesurfing IJmuiden, how are you doing with this kite spot?

“For the future, I hope that our permanent location in IJmuiden will allow us to keep this spot because it is currently under tension from the municipality. We at Makai are spot managers and are committed to preserving our playground. Together with the locals, we want to instruct people about the place and the zones, but also make each other aware of circumstances in order to build a close-knit community where you are always at your place and can ask for help. ”

Makai Beach IJmuiden - Joris van Essen is kitefoiling
“Aquarius belongs in the water. Nice play In the playground of Beach Club Makai ”Photo by Joris Cooper.

We at Makai are spot managers and are committed to preserving our playground.

How do you view the coming period?

“As it looks now, we may open again soon. In addition to the kite lessons, our facilities for the kiter and company events, we are going to kick off this season with 2 of our own beers that everyone can come and taste! This is life at Makai, you are more than welcome to join. ”

Joris, thank you for your time and good luck and fun next season. I will definitely visit Makai Beach IJmuiden again to take a break and relax after my kite sessions for IJmuiden. Mohalo 😉

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