Naish Motion kiteboard review

Naish Motion kiteboard review

The Naish Motion S25 2021 kiteboard has been Naish's most all-round twin tip for years. Specially designed for kite surfers who actually want to be able to do everything with a twin tip. Naish calls this 'performance freestyle'. The grip on the water is not as extreme as that of the Naish Monarch which we previously posted a review about. In contrast, the Motion is much lighter and more playful. We should know because we have exchanged the Monarch for the Motion and have been kitesurfing with it for a number of months now. This kitesurf blog is all about a Naish Motion kiteboard review.

Naish Motion kiteboard review

Lightweight kiteboard

The first thing that strikes you is the light weight of the Motion. A particularly light kiteboard is not what we are used to from Naish. However, the new Motion is really light. Nice to take with you and under your arm, but it also feels great on your feet on the water. Naish indicates that she has changed the construction, making the Motion lighter. For example, by using a different wood core, the surrounding layers and thinner ends.

Naish Motion performance freeride kiteboard

Round flexible sides

In addition, the tips have become thinner, rounder and more flexible. On the one hand, this helps make the kiteboard more forgiving. The Motion glides smoothly through ripples on the water and waves. Landing a jump is also smooth. On the other hand, the round points give you support to go through curves nicely. The Motion does not quickly bite into an unexpected wave in a bend. Turning turns is wonderful with the Motion.

Playful kiteboard

The Motion is made for freeride to performance freestyle. It doesn't have the extreme grip of the Monarch. As soon as the Naish Monarch has a grip on the water, it feels like you are being put on a track. Like a wagon on a train track. The Motion is much more playful and forgiving. You hardly have to take the board out of its track for a turn. This feels very free on the water. Still, it doesn't feel like you miss many elements of the Monarch when you switch to Motion. The concave offers a lot of control, pressure on the edges is easy to apply and the board responds quite directly. Read more in this Naish Motion kiteboard review how the Motion S25 fares in the field of big air and freestyle. Also whether he easily walks high.

Storm Christoph kite surfing
The Naish Motion S25 in the waves
Kitesurfing in storm Bella
The Naish Motion in Storm Bella
Kitesurfing at sea in January. Kitesurf plan
Shoot on flat water with the Motion

Motion also for big air and freestyle

Our answer is yes. The Motion also has channels in the middle of the board at the edges. These 'edging channels' look like grooves. Although not very deep, but deep enough for extra grip. Nice to put pressure for a jump or trick, but also to provide sufficient counter pressure when your wind increases.

Naish Motion review. View the concave and the 'edging channels'
Naish Motion review. View the concave and the 'edging channels'

Walking altitude with the Naish Motion 2021

The fins are 5 centimeters high. This is quite high so that you can sail well on your fins. You can therefore also keep nice contact with the water when you pass a wave or have sections with many small waves. This also helps to kitesurf sharply and walk at maximum height. What is also striking is that it is a fairly fast kiteboard. The board invites you to kite surf at speed. I weigh 86 kilos myself and I am 1.87 meters of land. The Motion 138 x 41.5 is the right size for me.

Naish Apex binding

During the Naish Motion kiteboard review we had mounted the Naish Apex 2021 bindings. Just like the Motion, the Naish Apex foot straps have been around for years. They are designed for comfort and board feel. In fact, we cannot say anything other than that this is correct. View the comprehensive Naish Apex bindings review.

Final conclusion Naish Motion kiteboard review

The Naish Motion 2021 kiteboard review has been successful. I have been kitesurfing for over 20 years. I expect a lot from a kiteboard. The Motion is my only kiteboard this season and that says enough for me. The board has everything I want: going fast, going high, freestyle tricks, cruising in less wind, into the waves, braving the storm etc. I am particularly impressed with its light weight and versatility.

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