Neoprene jacket - Review Aurora Neoprene Jacket from 9 BFT

Neoprene jacket
Example of a neoprene jacket over a wetsuit.

In the past winter months I have surfed a number of times with a neoprene jacket over my wetsuit. The Aurora Neoprene Jacket from 9 BFT. In this kitesurf blog we will discuss insulation and the effect of the use of layers. Then you can read my findings in a review after about 10 kitesurfing sessions in the cold with the Aurora Neoprene Jacket of 9 BFT.  

Cold or not?

I'm not going to act tough, but I think I can say that I don't get cold easily. Of course I also wear shoes in the winter. I don't believe you can do without it once the water temperature drops below 10 degrees. This is often the beginning . But with gloves and a cap you don't see me quickly or actually never on the water. I would have to wear special earplugs, especially in the cold months, to reduce the risk of a surfer's ear to counteract. A neoprene jacket previously seemed cumbersome to me. It now belongs to my regular kitesurfing equipment.

A neoprene jacket previously seemed cumbersome to me. It is now part of my regular kitesurfing equipment.

Storm Bella (whole movie) by the sea with very inclement weather. Wearing a neoprene jacket for the first time and that was no superfluous luxury.

Best insulation kite surfers

3 layers system for outdoor athletes

Outdoor athletes know all about this and the 3-layer system is still popular. The base layer ensures the transport of moisture and keeps the skin as dry as possible. The intermediate layer ensures subsequent transport of the moisture to the outside and provides insulation. The interlayer should be a stagnant layer of air around the body that warms up and gives a comfortable feeling. The outer layer protects against weather, wind and the cold. For example against the harsh reality of the radiant cold, the so-called wind chill factor that the wind chill indicates based on wind force and temperature.  

Layers system kite surfers

Where we used to take to the water in the cold with double wetsuits to create extra layers and thus insulation, this is no longer of this time. The best wetsuits today are so good that they can be regarded as a kind of hybrid underwear and wetsuit in one. Due to the combination of a lining and different types of high-quality material, sometimes even graphene, the best wetsuits are made up of a combination of layers. A lining can be recognized by a fur on the inside. This is to keep your body nice and warm.

The best wetsuits nowadays are so good that they can be regarded as a kind of hybrid underwear and wetsuit in one.

Neoprene jacket works 100%

I used the new Aurora Neoprene Jacket from 9 BFT last winter. It works 100%. On the coldest days, a jacket over your wetsuit will make your session a lot more pleasant. Normally I feel the radiant cold on my wetsuit on cold days. The outside of the wetsuit is therefore ice cold. With a jacket over your wetsuit you still have an extra layer so that the layer between the wetsuit and the jacket feels warmer. You only feel this when you take off the jacket. Then it feels a lot colder on the chest and at the neck.

Neoprene jacket

Review Aurora Neoprene Jacket

These are my findings of the 9 BFT Aurora neoprene jacket:

  • It is a 3 mm thick neoprene jacket that is also very flexible. This way, the jacket minimizes freedom of movement.
  • The jacket also has a high collar and large hood. The moment I close the collar properly with the zipper and the Velcro, the area around the neck feels a lot warmer and more comfortable.
  • A few times I briefly put on the hood during heavy showers. Furthermore, I have not used it and then water quickly remains in it that you occasionally hear sloshing. Maybe some more holes can be made in it so that the water can run out.
  • In terms of finish, the neoprene jacket is satisfactory. The jacket has an opening at height for a trapeze hook. This way you can easily use your trapeze hook with your trapeze under the jacket. Of course this is not as clear as without a jacket. I also had to check that my leash and the associated safety remained easy to find.
  • With a seat harness, which I sometimes wear with a storm, I also used the jacket. Then the hook has to go under the coat. This was no problem.
  • The jacket is still 100% in order after it has been used about ten times. This while I don't just go back and forth a little. I therefore consider the quality of the neoprene and the seams good.
  • It took a while to find out which size I would need. My neoprene jacket size is XL. I am 1.88 cm tall and weigh approximately 87 kilos. For me, the size XL is just right. With this size I could wear my trapeze both over and under the jacket. Normally I have an L in terms of jacket and now a size bigger.
  • A big advantage is that the jacket comes in bright colors. This makes you stand out better in an emergency. There are also reflective strips on the jacket. Of course you should not assume that such a jacket will save you in case of problems. That is false security. Still, I like to stand out extra during the cold months.

If you also use the Aurora Neoprene Jacket from BFT or another jacket over your wetsuit. Feel free to let us know your findings and / or addition.

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  1. Stitching seams were very torn on me. After 1 surf session, a lot had already come off the hood. Settlement with service was good in the sense that I received a new one. Unfortunately, it already had interrupted stitching in 2 places. One just hadn't caught the other had let go. Apparently not noticed in the quality control. Service thought it was strange (I check them all myself was written there). Problem was quickly solved with needle and thread, although that is not something you want to do immediately upon purchase. Furthermore, completely agree with the review. I really like it even though the hole for the hook is very low.

  2. Very honest? Beautiful, warm, comfortable, well-finished jacket, but it is incomprehensible that the hole for the trapeze hook is placed too high. It is not just below my ribs, but low in front of the stomach. That makes it uncomfortable because the jacket is constantly pulling up the harness. First we know that the size is too small (info on the site was incorrect). But the XL also had that problem. That's why he went back. I found a nice jacket from another brand where the hole for the trapeze hook was in a logical place. For people who want to wear the jacket over the harness, I think this is a really missed opportunity of 9Bft.

    1. Thank you for your response. I usually kitesurf with the Mystic Warrior harness. This is going well as shown in the picture. May I ask which harness you used? That will be useful to know for others.

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