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nvision naish pivot review

I now have experience with five series of the Naish Pivot and now I had the opportunity to kitesurf with the Naish Pivot Nvision 9 meters. At Naish, the Nvsion stands for the Aluula version of a kite. Previously I was enthusiastic about the Naish Pivot 2024. The improvements made were clearly noticeable. Thanks to these improvements, I made beautiful kiteloops with an 11 meter Pivot for the first time in my kitesurfing career. In this Naish Pivot Nvision review you can read my findings of this Naish showpiece.

Kites on a diet. What's the benefit?

The engine of technological developments in the kitesurfing industry is running at full speed. Kites must be lighter and at the same time stronger, more stable and more reliable. Materials and production processes must be more environmentally conscious. It usually does not make the kites cheaper, but the properties improve enormously. Read more about the concept that I 'lite surfing' name. The concept that states that kites are on a diet. Also read more about Aluula, which is also equipped with the Naish Pivot Nvision.

Aluula Pivot - Naish Pivot Nvision equipped with Aluula
The Naish Pivot Nvision is equipped with Aluula (yellow).

What good is a lighter kite?

You may be wondering what the point is that we are trying to make. What good is it if kites become lighter? Why should kites be lighter and at the same time stronger, more stable and more reliable. We have listed a number of advantages.

  • A lighter kite is less likely to fall out of the air in less wind and in a combination of little wind and gusts. Especially when kitesurfing in the waves and when there is little wind, it is important to have a kite that is as light as possible. If you want to do this with an all-round kite, a light all-round kite is recommended.
  • A stiffer kite helps you time a jump or trick because every steering movement is picked up more directly by the kite.
  • A stiffer kite helps to control the kite more accurately and is therefore more reliable.
  • Thinner tubes and a thinner leading edge mean that the kite has much less resistance and drag. The process of edging and jumping is therefore easier, making it easy to jump higher. Even with stronger winds.
  • A stiffer kite retains its shape much better in strong winds and gusts.
  • Some materials that make a kite heavier, such as rubber bumpers, reinforcements are not necessary for the advanced kite surfer. They no longer let their kite be dragged across the beach. Light kites are often minimized.
  • Lighter, stiffer and ultra-modern kites have a greater wind range. Where previously kitesurfers often had 3 kites to kitesurf as often as possible, with the new generation of kites you might be able to get by with 2 kites. The very best kites are expensive, but this makes a difference.
  • Last but not least: a lighter kite reduces your kilos of luggage if you want to go on a kitesurfing holiday.

Naish Pivot Nvision review findings

Adjustments to a kite are of course very important. Before you know it, the characteristics of a kite also change and the behavior of the kite no longer matches the expectations of kite surfers. In my opinion, Naish has done a very good job with the Pivot Nvision.

The Nvsion has a slightly lighter bar pressure, but otherwise it is still the Pivot as I know it. They are the same characteristics but all greatly improved.


  • Climbs faster. The Naish Pivot Nvision climbs up very quickly, for example after a kiteloop, so that the landing can easily be handled with a heliloop or downloop.
  • Runs faster. The Naish Pivot always turned quickly and that is one of the reasons for its name. However, the Nvision rotates beautifully and effortlessly on its axis much faster.
  • Jumps more efficiently. With its extremely slim leading edge, the Nvision moves very easily from the angle of the wind to make a jump. It doesn't pull you over your board if you don't want it to, so you can keep edging for a good push-off and a high jump. At the right time you can put on the bar to be launched.
  • Freeriding and high performance freeriding easier. With the Nvision you can cruise slowly but also kitesurf extremely aggressively. You can see it in the video.
  • Does not fall out of the wind. According to Naish, the Pivot Nvision is 50% lighter than a normal Pivot. This light kite is like a feather in the wind. If you pull it out of the wind after a jump because you squeeze all the power out of the kite, it flies quickly with the wind and does not start down.

Conclusion Naish Pivot Nvision review

In my opinion, the Naish Pivot Nvision is one of the ultimate kites for ambitious kite surfers who want to get the most out of the sport. Tricks such as kite loops and combinations work extremely well and as a kite surfer the Pivot offers you maximum confidence. In addition, the Pivot Nvision is ideal for kitefoiling, wave kitesurfing and kitesurfing in less wind. The kite needs little wind and is easy to steer. Finally, I find the Nvision very versatile for kitesurfers with a twin tip. The bar pressure is slightly lighter than a normal Naish Pivot and with the Nvision you can enjoy both quiet freeriding and very active high-performance freeriding.

Learn more about Nvsion at naish.com

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