Ocean Rodeo Rise review. Video and 14 findings

Ocean Rodeo Rise review

The Ocean Rodeo Rise was on our wish list to test. Not only because it is said to be the lightest kite but also because of its performance. The Dutch professional kitesurfer Giel Vlugt steamed to the absolute top in 2021 with the Rise. How quickly he got away with the Rise in extreme big air was astonishing. Reason for me to contact Ocean Rodeo with the result of this Ocean Rodeo Rise review. Check out my findings after a kitesurfing session of only 2 hours with the Rise.

Circumstances Ocean Rodeo Rise A-Series review

The wind was blowing about 25 knots with gusts up to 35 knots. Typical Dutch kitesurfing weather. I weigh about 86 kilos and got out on the water with the Ocean Rodeo Rise 10 meters.

I asked Giel what range he keeps for the 10 meters. Response: “18 to 40 knots.”

What a range I thought and reflected for a moment. I may kite longer than the pros, but 40 knots with a 10 meter I think is extreme. During the review, the 10 meters proved to be perfectly suitable for the 25-35 knots wind range. In addition, the high tide was nice and rough at sea.

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Ocean Rodeo Rise review. View and read my findings…

Ocean Rodeo on a diet

I have written before about the notion that I 'Lite Surf' name. The race to the lightest and strongest kite. The engine of technological developments in the kitesurfing industry is running at full speed. Kites need to be lighter and at the same time stronger, more stable and more reliable. Ocean Rodeo is leading the way in this. Due to the so-called ALUULA material, the frame of the Ocean Rodeo Rise would be 50% lighter and twice as strong as normal. And you feel that immediately when you touch and inspect this kite. Literally every detail has been thought through. Right down to the stitching. This also applies to the lines. Read below what I noticed about this.

Profile of the Rise: big air and kiteloops

You can see it in the video when launcing the kite and while kitesurfing. The Rise is a 5 strut kite with a high aspect ratio. In short, it is broad and shallow.

Extremely stiff frame, controllable kite

In addition, the frame is exceptionally stiff. I pumped it up to 8 psi when 9 psi is recommended. At 8 psi I found the frame already very stiff.

Where many other high aspect ratio kites are easily deformed, for example during a gust or radically tightening the bar, this was not the case with the Rise. He stood firm.

Now distorting doesn't have to be tedious. A kite breathes in and out a bit and certainly during gusts of wind that gives some damping. What I found special about the Rise is that, despite being so stiff, it remains extremely controllable.

Ocean Redeo Rise runs very easy
Ocean Redeo Rise runs very easy

Ocean Rodeo Rise Review: Going Hard, High and Round

In terms of high aspect ratio, you could immediately make some assumptions based on the profile of the kite. For example, less suitable for wave kite surfing, wake style kite surfing, unhooked freestyle kite surfing and a larger turning circle. These assumptions do not apply to the Rise. Especially not the last one. For example, the turning circle is extremely small. During a kiteloop, the kite whines aerodynamically through the bend. You can just hear it cutting through the wind. Other assumptions that fit with a high aspect ratio are correct. So very suitable for kite surfing up wind, at speed and big air boosting.

So go hard, high and round.

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Ocean Rodeo Rise nice to freeride with

Ocean Rodeo Rise review points

  • Fast and reliable kite. You can see in the video that you can really fly a kite with the Rise. I think that's cool. It is very fast without you having to put in a lot of effort. You don't have to drive it fast though, it's possible. Many fast kites can surprise you. For example, if they suddenly run off to the edge of the wind window during a gust of wind. If you just hang backwards in the air or don't expect this, that's not nice. The Rise never surprised me. That gave a lot of confidence to do great tricks and expand these tricks.
  • Direct lift. Also great in wild water conditions. The speed of the Rise in combination with its readily available lift when you pull the bar ensures that you can always jump. The moment of timing the jump and the jump itself is small. You see me kitesurfing through wild water conditions which is not ideal for timing a jump. The Rise can be sent in so radically that you only have a fraction of a second left for a beautiful take-off.
  • Light bar pressure. I think the Rise has a light bar pressure. It steers very light. I thought a few times that I would be too weak. However, when you pull up the bar, the power is immediately available. This process is very natural handled by the Rise.
  • Steers very light. My experience is that the Rise can be steered very precisely. If you're going for the radical loops, then you have to use them with conviction. But for freeriding, the Rise can also be steered smoothly and precisely with the light bar pressure.
  • High jumps, average hang time. Once in the air with the hands slightly in the middle of the bar, the Rise is very controllable. You rise quickly without being pulled horizontally hard behind the kite. Straight up, that's how it feels and that's nice. I don't think the hang time, time in the air, is extreme. The Rise itself rises beautifully during a jump. I had no experience with the kite stalling in front of me.
  • Kiteloops the norm. As mentioned, the Rise rises beautifully during a jump to far above your head. That makes you can do beautiful heliloops and down loops . These are working well for me now. If you don't run like this yet, they are easy to learn with the Rise. The Rise runs almost lightning fast and powerless. You don't see the bloopers in the Ocean Rodeo Rise review video, but of course they were there too. It took me a few jumps to figure out after a heliloop how the Rise could better accommodate me on landing. A matter of putting on the bar at the right timing.
  • The Rise does not fall from the sky. Even though I let myself be pulled downwind as hard as I could, the Rise kept hanging in the wind. So no lines that went slack, no kite that dives because the wind could no longer carry it. None of that. Of course, the Rise owes this to the fact that it is so light.
  • Fast kitesurfing. You don't have to, but with the Rise you can go really fast on the water. You can already see it in some fragments in the video and then we didn't even let it run on a flat part.
  • Ocean Rodeo Pilot 2.0 bar. A note about the bar other than that it is also light and has thin lines. These are the German Liros DC 401 Utra HD lines. After rotations I found the depower lines not easy to reverse. With some brands this already happens automatically and with others you have to do it manually. As can be seen in the video, you have to make an effort with the Pilot 2.0. More than I'm used to.
having fun!
Having fun with the Rise!

Conclusion Ocean Rodeo Rise review

I got to know the Ocean Rodeo Rise as a kite with a status of its own. I think it is the lightest kite of its kind with the most ingenious technologies incorporated. You pay a price for that, but the difference may be there as far as I'm concerned. With only about 2 hours of experience I had a really cool kitesurfing session in which I was able to do almost everything I wanted with confidence. Only the mega run I didn't dare. I was in doubt because I hadn't kitesurfed in about 4 weeks and the megaloop in general is still a challenge for me. I am convinced that the Rise is a perfect fit for it and was amazed at the performance and confidence that the Rise offered.

For which kite surfer suitable

In this context, I kept thinking about which kite surfer I think the Rise is suitable for. My conclusion is that it is certainly not a kite only for advanced riders. As far as I'm concerned, the Rise is not a kite for absolute beginners, but for kite surfers who are ambitious and want to grow it's fabulous. Kite surfers who want to get a lot out of a kite and at the same time do not want to be negatively surprised by a kite while trying new tricks.

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