Sticker contact information on each board. Your help is needed

Waterproof kitesurf sticker with contact details
The KitesurfPro waterproof kitesurf sticker with contact details

IEvery day when the wind blows, we read fellow athletes who are looking for their board after they have lost it on the water. As we speak, we can easily count 20 reports of lost kiteboards online. We have been kitesurfing for over 20 years and this is timeless. That is why we advocate a sticker with contact details on every board. Whether it is a kiteboard, kitefoil board, wingsurf board, wingfoil board, windsurf board or surfboard.

Prevents unnecessary searching

If the board is not found immediately and one is back home, the internet is searched to see if the board was found by chance. Kite surfers also post as many messages as possible on the well-known sites, forums and social media in the hope of finding the kitesurfboard.

Prevent unnecessary action by emergency services

HVery annoying for the kite surfer in question because kite surfboards are pricey and if your contact details are not on it, it will be a lot more difficult to get them back. Even more annoying are the messages from the rescue brigade or bystanders ashore when a kite surfboard is washed up or found. They look for the owner because he can also be in the water. That is why you always call the rescue brigade immediately to report that you have lost your kiteboard. Read the tips from the KNRM.

Lost kiteboard
Get lost kiteboard back quickly and prevent people from looking for you? A sticker with contact details helps. You can order here.

Our mission: Provide every board with a name label with contact details.

Mission contact details sticker

This is not a commercial action but purely from the heart and as an ambassador for our great sport. has now provided dozens of boards with personalized stickers with contact details. Every little bit helps. We don't care how boards are provided with a sticker with contact details. Whether it is a kiteboard, kitefoil board, wingsurf board, wingfoil board, windsurf board or surfboard. There are therefore several initiatives for the same purpose. Like that of Booomtag and the KNRM Be Traceable. Our sticker is small, subtle, available in several colors and tested for a long time. Join and order the sticker (s).

Call: share this message

Please help by sharing this message and the link via your whatsapp kitesurf group of friends, on facebook, forums, sites etc. Only then will it be possible to provide all boards with a name and telephone number.

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