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You might have seen it already Reedin recently released the Supermodel 2. The new version of the Supermodel, also called Supermodel v2. Reedin kites ended up in the second season because last year was actually the kick-off year for Reedin.

We explain what the improvements have been made and have collected some videos for you. One of them was made on the beach of Noordwijk, Kevin's homespot, in collaboration with Kitemana. Dutch pride so and then we start this kitesurfing blog about the Reedin v2 kites.

Kevin Langeree together with Kitemana on the beach of Noordwijk about the Supermodel v2.

Reedin Supermodel review

Last year we were present at a test day of Reedin and we stood eye and eye with co-owner Kevin Langeree. Read and view our Reedin Supermodel review.

Reedin kites: Supermodel v2

As Kevin explains in the video, these are the biggest improvements of the Supermodel v2 over the Supermodel v1.

Same properties for different sizes

The lines on the kite (bridle) have been scrutinized and adjusted. The goal was to give the different sizes of Reedin v2 kites the same properties. This allows you to become even more familiar with the Supermodel v2. Whichever size you choose, the properties should be the same.

Better Reedin performance

The seam of the leading edge housing has been rearranged. This made the frame stiffer, so that the diameter could also be made slightly smaller. This should result in the kite being able to fly further into the wind window so that you can kite surf even sharper in the wind, for example. It should also lead to more stability, a lighter kite and a kite that is better suited if the wind blows a bit less hard (low end performance).

Reedin kites: colors Supermodel v2

In addition, the Supermodel v2 comes in three colors: a predominantly gray, black and white. This means that in 2021 there is also a choice of colors. Certainly with the black and gray you will therefore also have less problems with the weathered spot, as we have often seen with the white Supermodel v1, which develops over time on the canvas at the main valve.

Reedin 2021

In addition to the Reedin Supermodel v2, the kiteboards KevPro 2021 and Super-E 2021 have also been released. In addition, the new bar, the Dream Stick 2021 and the bindings, the Super Binding 2021 are out. As you can see, there is also a Reedin wing, the Reedin Superwing and a Reedin wingfoil board, the Feater. With that, the step to the wingfoiling also put in 2021.

Testing Reedin kites

We hope to be able to test a Supermodel v2 soon to confirm the points that Kevin brings to the new Reedin kite. Our Supermodel test last year was certainly a success and it was absolutely great to bump into icon Kevin.

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