Snowkiting in the Netherlands? You should know this about it

Snowkiting in the Netherlands
Snow kiting in the Netherlands. Watch the video in this blog.

The snow radar turns blue again and that means snow. It promises to be a little colder. This creates a thought… You probably already know it, because with a bit of luck there will be a lot of snow. This means the opportunity to snowkite in the Netherlands. Yes, just in the Netherlands and maybe on the beach of your favorite kite spot. How cool is that!

Snow on the way

Weather sources report that there will be a lot of snow in Europe. It is snowing in some places. There is a chance that in the Netherlands you will also be treated to a lot of snow. Snow kiting is also possible in the Netherlands on days when there is snow. Now these days are quite scarce, but if you make sure you have equipment ready, chances are you can have a few days of fun in 'fresh Dutch powder'. A layer of snow of 10 centimeters is enough.

If you make sure that your equipment is ready, chances are you can have some fun in 'fresh Dutch powder'

Get your snowkite equipment ready

Snowkiting is one of the kite sports that we are passionate about. And snowkiting in the Netherlands especially. It is possible with your kitesurf kite in combination with skis or a snowboard. There are special snow kite boards, but that goes a bit too far for us. Almost all tricks you do on the water while kite surfing can also be done in the snow. In addition, you need less wind. First of all, because you don't have to be pulled out of the water. Secondly, because you have less resistance with snowkiting than with kite surfing.

Raymond Stalfoort and Roel Haanappel snowkiting in Woerden in 2021. Video by Cees. Watch the whole adventure.

Where to snowkite – Snowkite spots

Safe out, safe at home. Do you remember. You don't do snow kiting every day, so you have to keep extra safety margins. Therefore, choose your spot for snowkiting in the Netherlands very carefully. The more space, the better. Make sure there are no obstacles downwind that you could collide with. Every pole or trash can is already a risk. What size kite, what type of kite? View this in our extensive snowkiting manual. Snowkiting is certainly not necessary on the beach. It is also possible on a piece of land in the polder. As a civilized snowkiter does, you of course ask the farmer or horticulturist for permission.

Professional snowkiting

There is a group of kite surfers who invariably go snowkiting every winter in the mountains or on snow plains. In the mountains you can make very long and far jumps because of the rising air. On wide snow plains is on speed popped and thoroughly freestyled. These snowkiters make handle passes, rip on sliders and do some tricks.


  1. It's over for now and the winter cold with snow was unique. Anyone who wanted to try snowkiting in the Netherlands has been able to do this. Maybe we will see the snow again this winter. We will see.

  2. It's time. It is cold, it is snowing and the wind is blowing. However, we start with a pimple wind in combination with snow. Also called snowdrift and the KNMI gives it code red. For many too hard to go kite surfing normally and therefore too hard for snowkiting.

    From Monday, the wind will be a little less. Still loud enough. Hopefully the snow will remain as expected and everyone can enjoy snowkiting in a fun and safe way. And then of the ice kiting of course 😉

  3. It is almost certain that we will be treated to a good amount of snow. Where snowkiting with east? This is wind towards the sea on the beaches. If you do go snowkiting on the beach. Make sure you are not drawn into the sea. So choose a wide beach and keep your distance from the water. If this is not possible, then a much better choice is a piece of lawn or space in the countryside.

  4. Today is January 16 and snow is expected for tomorrow, Saturday January 17. So possibly snowkiting in the Netherlands. Let's hope so ...

      1. It depends a bit on where you live, I think Kim. Tomorrow the wind will blow SW and later SW. You should also be able to get along well on a somewhat wider stretch of beach. That would have been my preference so far. I am thinking of Brouwersdam, Oostvoorne, Maasvlakte, etc. Anyway, it falls or stands with enough snow for specific tomorrow.

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