Surfer's ear - This is how you prevent a surfers ear

Prevent surfers ear

A surfer's ear, also called exostosis, may sound a bit strange or drowsy, but it really exists. Due to the drop in temperature, think of autumn and winter, in combination with wind past your ears, there is a chance that bone growth will develop in your ears. This can have unpleasant consequences.

Surfer's ear often discovered too late

In the initial stage you will notice little or nothing of a surfer's ear, also called swimmer's ear. Only when a blockage of 80% or more will complaints or symptoms arise. Surgical removal of the bone can become unavoidable.

surfer's ear

A 'surfers ear' can arise when your ear canal is frequently exposed to cold water in combination with wind.

Cover ears

We see more and more kite surfers covering their ears in the winter and cold months. This can be done with a neoprene cap or hat or with special earplugs. A cap is often only worn when it is really cold. While the risk of a surf ear is also present in the spring and autumn. The use of special earplugs is then recommended.

Special earplugs

Then a little more information about the special earplugs that should help prevent a surfer's ear. They allow sound to pass through but prevent sand and repeatedly cold seawater from entering your ear. As shown in the picture, you can configure them to fit your ear cup. The string ensures that you do not lose them quickly. Yet we regularly see them complete or in parts on the beach or the parking lot. That happened to us too. So secure them well when using them so that you don't lose them. They are available at most kitesurf shops.

Surf Ears 3.0 for kite surfers
Example of earplugs as for sale at many kitesurfing shops.

Surfoor: prevention is better than cure

When it comes to preventing a surfer's ear, you have to act when nothing is already wrong. No need to panic, but prevention is still better than cure. Use it to your advantage.

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