Switch purchased by Dutch Ventum kiteboarding

Switch kites purchased by Ventum Kiteboarding

This remarkable message caught my eye. Because Ventum Kiteboarding is one of our Dutch gems, the news was all the more remarkable. This summer I was face to face with a Switch Nitro v7. A robust kite with excellent performance and also cheap. Shortly after I discovered when updating it overview of kitesurfing brands the news that Switch had stopped. It had not survived the aftermath of the Corona pandemic. Then suddenly the news from Ventum about the takeover. After checking Switchkites.com I had some contact with Sebastiaan van der Velden, founder and owner of Ventum Kiteboarding, and we can write the following about it.

Switch Nitro v7 is released in the Gulf of Roses in Spain

Kitesurfing equipment at favorable prices

Switch and Ventum Kiteboarding are somewhat similar. Both brands partly attract the same type of kite surfers. Kitesurfers who are not so sensitive to marketing but who opt for good products with high service at favorable prices.
This is achieved by delivering items without the intervention of a store, investing little in marketing and helping people with problems without nonsense.

Will there be an improved Switch Nitro V7?

Ventum Kiteboarding is busy informing all Switch customers about the acquisition, service on their current products and their future plans. In addition, people are asked for their input regarding the future. For example, if there is interest, Ventum is prepared to release an improved Switch Nitro V7 under the banner of Ventum Kiteboarding.

The Ventum Tough v3 kitebar

Ventum Kiteboarding no nonsense 

We know Ventum Kiteboarding as a no-nonsense kitesurfing brand. Personal contact with the owner and extra services where desired is the most normal thing in the world at Ventum. In the press release on Switchkites.com this is immediately recognisable. Although the warranty is not covered by the takeover, Ventum promises to always look for a solution. 

Last stock of Switch for sale

Switch has been purchased by Ventum Kiteboarding and the last Switch material is on its way to the Netherlands. In about 6 weeks, the remaining Switch stock will arrive in the Netherlands and via Ventum Kiteboarding are offered for sale. This mainly concerns large quantities of ponchos, travel bags, small harnesses and the like. There are still kites, but Switch had already sold the majority of the kites and wings in the last 2 years in 'fire sales' to reduce debts. In addition, 'spares', although Ventum will ship the bladders directly from the factory on request to guarantee quality.

We wish Ventum Kiteboarding the best of luck in integrating Switch! 

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