To take wingsurf lessons or not? This is how you learn to wing foil quickly

Wingsurf lesson

Wingsurfing your dream? The question of whether you should take wingsurf lessons is a good and valid question. The answer to this question is not so easy to give and not the same for everyone. It depends on a number of things. Wingsurfing lessons start with wingsurfing, but most of them eventually want to start wingfoiling. In this blog a number of considerations that you can take with you when deciding whether to take wing foil lessons or not.

Kick-start with wingsurf lessons

Try it out or outing?

You may want to try winging once under supervision. Or that you want to experience a cool experience on the water with your family or friends. Then a wingsurf lesson is recommended anyway and a very cool experience. You will then get started under supervision.

Want to become a wing surfer or wing foiler as soon as possible?

If you are sure that you really want to go for it and do not want to waste time, then a wingsurf lesson is definitely recommended. You then learn to deal with the material that you are likely to purchase later. A wing is really something different than a kite or windsurf sail. This also applies to the wingsurf board and foil. In addition, the fixing of the mast and the foil in the correct position requires careful attention. You would rather learn this under supervision than experimentally with your own wingsurf set.

My first experience with wingsurfing. View more on it Youtube Channel or my progression blog.

In addition, two questions are important to ask yourself to determine whether you need wingsurfing lessons or not.

Question 1: Water sports enthusiast or not?

Of course you don't have to be a very active water sports enthusiast to start wingsurfing. It is a very diverse water sport with something for everyone. Of course you must be able to swim and have some basic fitness. If you've already practiced some form of surfing and this wasn't too long ago, then of course you have a head start. On the one hand because you are used to being in the water. On the other hand, because you are used to handling a board in the water.

Question 2: Wind sportsman or not?

You can do wing surfing or wing foiling with the wing. You put this in the wind to be able to wingsurf or wingfoil. Any experience with wind sports will help you. So with a background in windsurfing, kite surfing, paragliding, kite flying, buggie kiting, blokarting, sand yachting or even ice surfing or ice kiting you have an advantage. You understand how wind in a sail is converted into forward speed. Windsurfers and kite foilers have the greatest advantage.

No experience, no problem

If you have no experience with wind sports, this is also no problem. However, you will need to gain a little more experience in the beginning to understand and become proficient with the principles of the wind.

Answer to questions and conclusion

Can you answer both questions with 'yes'? Then you could consider not taking a complete wingsurf course but starting with a practice lesson. You could also consider working with a buddy without taking lessons. If you cannot answer 'yes' to one of the questions, then our advice is to take wingsurfing lessons.

Experience without wingsurf lesson

I chose not to take a wingsurf lesson when I started my adventure. My experience with kiting, kitesurfing and a little bit of windsurfing was present and current. In addition, I rented a set and went straight onto the water at the rental center. After renting twice, I took out an annual subscription.

The rental center helped me a lot in the beginning and always kept an eye on things. That was nice. In addition, the short and concise explanations and tips from the people at the rental center have always helped me to understand some basic things. This prevented unnecessary self-experimentation and unsafe situations. It also accelerated my learning process. So I have not officially had a wingsurf lesson, but a lot of help. You could consider this as a form of lesson in disguise. Furthermore, I always needed help to choose the right wingsurf set in the beginning.

Conclusion to take lessons or not

As stated, you have a number of questions to answer to determine whether taking wingsurf or wingfoil lessons is wise or not. My advice in all situations is to take at least one trial lesson. During the wingsurf course trial lesson you will learn the basics about the material and the uses. In addition, you will receive the most important tips and skills from an experienced wings surfer. This kick-starts your career as a wings surfer. The first lesson also provides sufficient information about how many lessons you might still want to use or need. look at it overview with wingsurf schools. In addition, read our explanation of wingsurfing. This is now packed with good tips and things that are important to know.

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