What length of kiteboard do I need? Kiteboard size chart

Length of kiteboard advice. A kiteboard size chart

Net as with kites, there are many different kiteboards. Each with its own details that suit the riding style of the kite surfer. After your kitesurfing lesson, you will probably soon purchase your own kitesurfing set. Precisely because you want to get back on the water as soon as possible. That is why we help you with insight so that you know which length of kiteboard suits you. We have made a kiteboard size chart for you. But first some explanation.

Freeride twintip as a starting point

Twintip kiteboards are by far the most used kiteboards. As you can see, a twin tip is a kiteboard that you can sail both to the left and to the right. This way you don't have to get out of your foot straps if you want to change course. You don't have to turn a twin tip kiteboard if you want to change course. A twin tip therefore offers a lot of convenience compared to surf / wave style kite surf boards and also a lot of freedom. That is why we take this type of kiteboard as a starting point. After all, 99% will start on a freeride twintip kiteboard. More information about twin-tip kiteboards can be found on our kiteboard page.

Determine the correct length of kiteboard with the kiteboard size chart
What length kiteboard. Example of a freeride twintip kiteboard, the Naish Hero 2020

Rules of thumb what length kiteboard

  • Your weight is a determining factor: the heavier you are, the bigger your kiteboard.
  • A longer kiteboard helps you get started faster than a short kiteboard.
  • The flatter and wider your kiteboard, the faster you get going.
  • With a flatter and wider kiteboard you walk faster.
  • On the coast the wind often blows a little harder and more stable than on inland waters. That is why a slightly wider kiteboard is nicer on inland water.

Tipping point rules of thumb for which length of kiteboard

The mentioned rules of thumb also have a tipping point where they lose their benefits. For example when the wind is blowing harder. Then you can give less back pressure and slow down with a large and wide kiteboard. Now is the time to launch a smaller kite or grab a smaller kiteboard.

Size chart which length kiteboard

Weight kite surfer (kg) Length kiteboard (cm) Width kiteboard (cm)
100 + kilo 145 + cm 46 cm
80-100 kilos 139 cm 42,5 cm
60-80 kilos 133 cm 41 cm
40-60 kilos 130 cm 40 cm

This width and length table is based on a beginner to intermediate level kite surfer with a standard freeride twintip kiteboard. Pay attention. This is a general and indicative overview.

You can find more about kiteboards, the different sailing styles and advice on which length of kiteboard suits them kiteboard page.

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