Which size kite in which wind is suitable for you?


Als you starts kite surfing do you want to quickly purchase your first kitesurf set. It goes without saying that you wonder which size kite is suitable for you in which wind. There is a lot of choice and it may all seem a bit complicated. However, it certainly is not. We take you in our explanation of kitesurfing participate in a number of important kitesurfing topics to increase your basic knowledge. For example, we also answer the question of which size kiteboard you need. Obviously there are many kitesurfing schools and kitesurf shops always ready for advice.

Which size kite is suitable for you in which wind?

To begin with, there are different sizes of kites. Sizes are indicated in square meters (m2). An indication of common sizes are: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 m2 kites.

The size of kite that the kite surfer uses depends on a number of factors including:

Size chart which size kite in which wind

To give you an idea of ​​which size kite (size of the kitesurf kite) suits your weight and the wind force, we have made the overview below. Pay attention. This is a general and indicative overview.

Which kite in which wind. Check out this handy kite size calculator
Which size kite in which wind. The indicative kite size calculator. The table is based on an average level of kite surfing with a standard twintip kiteboard

Size kite snow kiting and ice kiting

A rule of thumb for choosing the right size of kite snowkiting in stronger winds? That is your normal size with which you would go kite surfing with the same wind divided by two. Read the here tips snowkiting. With ice kiting you can keep a smaller size. Read the here tips ice kiting.

Want to start with one or more kites?

Op itself it sounds logical that you start with the purchase of one kite. How much wind do you need for kite surfing? The ideal wind to start kite surfing is wind force 4 to 5 (between 14 and 21 knots). This is wonderful wind to start with. The wind is often the most stable and the water is still fairly calm. One kite in combination with a twintip kiteboard is then the best combination. If you purchase a flat, slightly larger and wider twin-tip, you have the advantage of extra buoyancy of the kiteboard and thus the kiteboard also gets going faster ('plane').

View which kite with which wind in the overview which kite with how many knots
Which size kite suitable for which wind. Almost in plane!

Especially if you want to purchase one kite, it is important that the kite has the largest possible wind range. This means that the kite quickly helps you get going in little wind and can be easily disempowered in more wind. This, of course, has its limits. Kitesurfing with a size kite that does not suit the wind, is ultimately at the expense of the controllability of a kite, kitesurfing fun and safety. If you want to kite surf from wind force 4 to a good wind force 6, you will have to purchase several kites. You purchase, for example, a 9 meters a 12 meters (kite surfer weighs 90 kilos) or a 7 and 10 meters (kite surfer weighs 75 kilos). We hope to have answered the question so that you now know which size kite is suitable for you in which wind. Feel free to ask an additional question.

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