Wingfoilen Brouwersdam – Beautiful evening session

wingfoilen brewersdam

Where we first stayed firmly safe in the working harbor during the learn to wingfoil we now dared to opt for the big sea. Now that we can cruise nicely and stick some longer stretches, we are getting better and better. Even on a mild sea with small waves. We also ran into men from the old guard of kitesurfing. Because you can sail closer to each other when wing foiling and it goes almost silently, it quickly becomes cozy on the water. View the impression of the wing foiling on the Brouwersdam and read some more information about the spot below.

Beautiful and cozy wingfoil session for the Brouwersdam

Wing foils Brouwersdam

A day after the longest day of the year, the Brouwersdam looked beautiful with wing surfers in the working harbor and wing foilers just outside. The Brouwersdam has turned out to be beautiful for us so far with winds from the north and northeast. Of course you can go to the Brouwersdam in other directions, but for that we often settle on the Oostvoornse lake. It was blowing about 15 knots and this is great wind on the foil. Me with my 5 meters and friend Fons with his 6 meters. This wind is perfect on the Brouwersdam because from 20 knots you get wind waves. We have to practice for that and we may even need a longer mast. My mast is 75 cm. Well, you read it already. Of course we are already cruising wonderfully, but it still feels like learning to wing foil and then a little bit of overpowered wing is quite nice. The technique is yet to come and days like this will do the learning curve well. Also see how I have learn to wingfoil or read in with it wingsurfing manual.

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