Wingsurf brands - Overview of all brands of wingsurfing

Photo: Marcel Berrevoets has wing foil Mark van der Burg and kite surfer Valérie van Seters in his sights.

How many wingsurf brands do you think there are now? Wingsurfing, wing boarding, wing foiling and winging are the different names for the latest windsport. It is a combination of windsurfing, kite surfing, wave surfing and foiling. As a beginner you probably wonder what kind of wingsurfboard, which mast length and which wing you need. As an experienced wingsurfer you take the following steps. In the handbook wingsurfing you can read everything you need to know about it. In this blog we list all brands for you. So a lot of inspiration.

Wingsurfing is breaking through

Wing surfing had been around for years but never really got through. That did happen in 2020. Various kitesurfing brands managed to make exceptionally good wingsurfing equipment. Quite logical given the accumulated knowledge and available materials of these brands. In addition, brands that have no link with kite surfing have also plunged into wing surfing. At the moment, development is going very fast. Every month there are new wingsurf brands that bring new equipment to the market.

Stormy growth of wingsurf brands

The wingsurf industry has grown rapidly in recent years. There are many new wingsurf brands and manufacturers. All super interesting. Always started by passionate wing surfers. It was certainly not only the windsurf and kitesurf brands that started making wingsurf products. There were also pioneers who started working from their homes. Each and every one of them has contributed to what wingsurfing has to offer now.

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Wing surfers enjoy cruising. Photo: Marcel Berrevoets.

Overview all wingsurf brands

Wingsurf brandWingsFoil Boardshydrofoils
Aero Boardsx
AFS Foilsxxx
AK Durablexx
Amos Shapesxx
Armstrong Foilsxxx
Axis xx
Aztron Sportsxxx
Appletree Surfboardsxx
Big Blue Boardsx
Board Riding Mauix
Bull Kitesx
Camet Kiteboardingx
Cloud 9 Surf Foilsxx
Core kiteboardingxxx
Dark Foilsxx
Duo Boardsx
Duotone Sportsxx
Eleveight Kitesxxx
Ensis Water Sportsx
Epic Kiteboardingx
Flipka Boards
Freedom Foil Boardsx
Foil & Coxxx
Gaastra Kiteboardingxx
Go foilxx
Good Boardsx
Groove Kiteboardsx
Gun Sailsx
Harlem Kitesurfingx
HB Surf Kitexx
Horue xx
Hot Sails Maui Hot Wingsx
Hyde Kiteboardingx
Indiana Paddle & Surfxx
Infinity Surfboardsxx
Insurf-Alien Techxxx
Jimmy Lewisx
JN Sporting Goodsx
JP Australiaxx
Karat Creationxx
Keto Foilsxx
kite wingx
Cold Shapesx
Conrad Kiteboardingxxx
Kauper XTx
Korvenn Wing & Foilxxx
KT Surfingxx
Elevator Foilsxx
Levitaz Kitefoilsxx
Liquid Freedom xx
Lahoma Windsxxx
Loose xx
Maui Fin Companyx
M Dayxx
MB Boardsx
Mike's Labxx
Moses Hydrofoilxx
Naish Kiteboardingxxx
Newwind Kiteboardsxx
North Kiteboardingxxx
NSP xxx
ocean rodeox
One Ocean Sportsx
On Kiteboardingx
Ozone Kitesxxx
Pacific Paddle Companyxx
Quatro Mauixx
Red Board Riders
Redwood Paddlexxx
Reef Warrior Boardsx
Reptile Sportsxxx
ride enginexx
Signature Performance Gearxxx
Shinn Kiteboardsxxx
SIC Mauixx
Sling Shot Sportsxxx
Simmer Stylexxx
Space Stick Labx
Sroka Companyxxx
star boardxxx
Stinger Boards, Foils & Wingsxxx
Sunova Surfboardsx
Suns x
Surf pistolsxxx
Switch kitesx
Taaroa Hydrofoilxx
To forgexxx
Triton Creationsxx
Tony Lifex
Unifoil Hydrofoilsxxx
Velocity Wing Sailsx
Ullman Kiteboardingxxx
Zeeko Kitesxxx

Wind sports are all the rage

Wingsurfing and wing foiling now also belong to the list of wind sports. It appeals to all kinds of athletes and is relatively easy to get started. Wing foiling on the high seas is really a challenge to learn, we can report. Very cool! A surf wing can also be combined with other sports. Think of a wing with a snowboard or skis. Or ice winging and ice surfing. This also took off in 2021. Using a wing with a snowboard was still a bit of a challenge. You need a lot of power to get through the snow. You miss the buoyancy of the kite. With skates and a wing in your hand you literally float over the ice. This has turned out to be sublime for many kiters. Of course you do not get the speed as with a kite. However, it is much less complex with a wing. No lines, no kite at a distance, etc. Moreover, you can wingsurf on land with a mountain board or a skateboard.

Ice winging with Marlie van der Ven
Ice winging with Marlie van der Ven

Third generation wingsurf material

Some brands are currently releasing their third generation of wingsurfing equipment. In addition, there are brands that have recently announced that they will soon be launching equipment for wing surfers. These are also listed in the overview.

If we have forgotten a wingsurf brand, please let us know. By the way, the answer to the question of how many wingsurf brands there are is 110. 😉

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