kite crash video. Evaluate and give tips

Collect! Read the given tips and let us know if you agree.
Collect! Read the given tips and let us know if you agree.

OWhether you start kitesurfing now or as we have been on the water for more than 20 years: you will fall. Sometimes just because of that one wave you didn't count on, sometimes because you're practicing a new kite trick. In this kitesurf-academy blog we evaluate a kite crash.

We have previously explained how to kitesurfing tricks can practice in small steps. Also that you can make it as crazy as you want with kite surfing. It is up to you to control any fear you may have without becoming reckless and without crossing your own line.

Collect! Read the given tips and let us know if you agree.

Feedback on kite crash

OK, that was the introduction. A little while ago I made another tummy tuck. One that was worn in and is therefore made more often. Also the type of tummy tuck that makes your ribs cry. While you have to be so economical on ribs, because they recover slowly.

We inquired online via Facebook en Instagram some feedback and tips and received the following:

  • “Sailing downwind for a little longer, you get a little more power out of the kite instead of immediately edging it again. If you already encounter a wave, you are more stable because you have less speed :).” - Ruben Belion
  • “You are also a little too much on your front leg after landing. So if you sail longer downwind and load your back leg more, you will be all right 👌🏼 good luck.” -Ym Ke
  • “Send the kite later and harder.” -Isam Hajih
  • “Sometimes using a different board might help. Softer board helps landing.” -fly_ocn
  • “When you send your kite in before that your kite have to be on the other side for more lift on landing.” —Timo Boersema
  • “Land your board flat! Than edge.” -Tommy_shred

kite crash. Give your opinion

The lesson we learn from the tips is that we will send the kite in later when landing. In addition, we will try to kitesurf a little more downwind on landing and land the kiteboard a little flatter. We are interested in your opinion. Would you draw the same conclusion from this kite crash evaluation or are we missing something completely?

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