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Overview of all kitesurf brands worldwide

Hhow many kite brands do you think there are? 60, 80 or 100? In this kitesurf blog we have an overview of kitesurf brands for you. To be honest, we needed support from kite surfers from different countries for this. It will not be 100% complete yet, but it is probably the most complete overview that can be found. Not only the kitesurf brands themselves are in the overview, but also what they have to offer. Are you looking for more general information about kites, kite boards, kite foils and foil wings, visit the special pages via the links above.

100+ wing foil brands

A large number of the kitesurfing brands in the overview below have also started wingsurfing or wingfoiling.

Due to the stormy growth of wingsurf and/or wingfoil brands, we have made a separate overview for this.

Wingsurfing quickly gained popularity than kite surfing and windsurfing
Wing foilers Jennifer and Bart in front of the Brouwersdam. Photo: Marcel Berrevoets.

Kite brands number stabilizes

The kitesurfing industry has grown rapidly since 1998 with many new kitesurfing brands and manufacturers. All super interesting kitesurfing brands with an often fascinating and interesting background. It was certainly not only the windsurfing brands that started making kitesurfing products. Almost all kite brands were started by passionate kite surfers. There were also pioneers who went to work from their garage at home. Each and every one of them has contributed to what kitesurfing has to offer today. View the most important changes after the overview of kitesurf brands.

Kitesurf brands overview

Kitesurf brandKiteskiteboardsKitefoiling
tube kitesfoil kiteskiteboardsfoil boardsFoils
Adi Kitesxx
Advance Kitesxx
Eros Kitesxx
Anton Kiteboardsxx
Appletree Surfboardsxx
Axis Kiteboardingxxx
Big Blue Boardsx
Bro Kitex
Brunotti Boardsx
Best Kiteboardingxx
Blade Kitesx
Board Riding Mauix
Bull Kitesxx
Crazy Fly Kitesxxxx
Carved Customsx
Camet Kiteboardingx
Core Kitesxx
Da Silva Kiteboardingxx
Doll Kiteboardingx
Duotone Sportsxxxxx
Eleveight Kitesxxxx
Eleven Kitesx
Epic Kitesxx
Firewire Surfboardsx
Fluid Kiteboardingxx
Freedom Foil Boardsx
fly surferxxx
Gaastra Kiteboardingxxx
Gin Kitesxxx
golden boardx
Gong xxxx
Good Boardsx
Harlem Kitesurfingxx
Hyde Kiteboardingxx
HB Surf Kitexx
HQ kitesxxx
IKON Kiteboardingx
Jimmy Lewisx
JN Sporting Goodsxx
Kanaha Shapesx
Keto Foilsxx
Kitech kitesx
Kite Elementx
Cold Shapesx
Kauper XTx
KSP Sportsxx
Elevator Foilsxx
Little Cloudx
Levitaz Kitefoilsxx
New Boardsxxx
Lacuna Kitesxx
Magic Bruce Kitesurfxx
Mike's Labxx
Monet Kiteboardingx
Naish Kiteboardingxxxxx
Newwind Kiteboardsxxx
Noble Kiteboardingxxxx
Nomad Kiteboardingx
North Kiteboardingxxxx
ocean rodeoxx
Odo Kiteboardingxx
On Kiteboardingx
Ozone Kitesxxxxx
Pansh Kitesx
Peter Lynn Kiteboardingxxx
Radical Kiteboardsxxx
RSC Boardsxx
ride enginexx
Sab foilxx
Almost Boardsx
Shinn Kiteboardsxxx
SP Boardingx
Sling Shot Sportsxxxx
Spleen Kiteboardingxxxx
Sroka Companyxxxx
Star Kitesxx
Storm Kitesurfingx
SU-2 Boardsxxx
Switch kitesx
To forgexx
Ten Kiteboardingxx
Tony Lifexx
Ullman Kiteboardingxxx
Vantage Kitesx
Ventum Kiteboardingxx
Wainman Hawaiixx
Woody Boardx
Xenon Kiteboardsxx
Zeeko Kitesxxxx
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Changes kitesurf brands

Departures and new brands

Nevertheless, kitesurfing brands have stopped in recent years. That's how Ben Wilson stopped. Ben has started to focus on kitesurf coaching and organizing kitesurfing holidays and trips. Liquid Force Kiteboarding has also stopped kitesurfing. It was a difficult decision, but they are going to fully focus on wakeboarding again. In addition, Flexifoil has left the kitesurfing market. They still sell power kites and accessories, but no longer kites and kiteboards. We also removed Chubanga and Inobo from the list. We have added Sabfoil. Sabfoil was first listed under the name Moses. The most prominent newcomer is still Reedin.

Wider range of kite brands

We always check the range of the different kite brands. What is striking is that the range is still expanding. For example with kitefoil and wingfoil material.

Conclusion and number of kitesurf brands

The kitesurf brand overview contains brands that produce and sell kites, kiteboards, and kitefoil material. There are also plenty of brands for kitesurfing equipment and accessories. These have not been included in the list. If we have forgotten a kitesurfing brand, please let us know. By the way, the answer to the question of how many kitesurfing brands there are is 105

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