kite for life. 40 kitesurf lesson packages available

kite for life

Kite for Life or: Kite4Life is a wonderful and meaningful initiative by Baris Soyogul. You may also know the Jump4Life promotion and do you remember interview with julian yet. We warmly support the initiatives and you can read why below.

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40 kitesurf lesson packages available

Learning to kitesurf, after a traumatic experience such as a cancer diagnosis and the associated medical treatments, offers resilience and provides a welcome and pleasant 'worry break'

During kiting you have no time at all to worry. You have to stay focused.

The Kite4Life 'worrying break' provides mental peace. As a result, people are better able to 'handle the world'.

Dear followers, we still have about 40x kitesurf lesson packages available for the upcoming season!

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Are you or do you know someone who has recovered physically after cancer but who needs a sporty and nautical experience? Sign up now or send your acquaintances to the website of Kite4Life.

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