Trapeze selection aid: seat harness, waist harness and size

trapeze decision aid

A kitesurf trapeze, also called kite harness, is part of the core equipment for kite surfing. You cannot do without it and a kite harness largely determines whether you have fun. Nothing is more annoying than a kitesurf harness that crawls up or causes painful moments on the water. Buying a harness is not something you just do, because a harness size chart alone offers too little information for that. This is because your physique is unique and therefore there is no best kitesurf harness. Not for men, not for women and not for children. We explain the most important differences to you on a special page. Also what you should pay attention to to buy the right size harness. This way you are well informed in the tailor-made choice for the best kitesurf harness for you.

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