Kitesurf shops open. This is what is allowed again

kitesurf shops open
Kitesurf shops open. Newcomer Alohallo at the Brouwerdam is now really opening its doors.

Today is the day: kitesurf shops open! All retailers are allowed to reopen their store after a closure of more than four months under certain conditions. The reactions of the kitesurf shops are very enthusiastic. They are very happy that they can really open again. Newcomer Alohallo on the Brouwesrdam thus really opens its doors.

Welcome without an appointment

Kitesurf shops open: free smelling, feeling, fitting and testing is allowed again

We too of course. Because that way you can easily stop by your favorite kitesurf shop or other kite shop. After all, nothing is as nice as personal advice, fitting equipment and having material in which you are interested in your hands. If we are talking about kite surfing, this also applies to the same shops that often also sell wingsurf, wing foil, surf, windsurfing equipment and other water sports equipment.

No more appointment needed

There are still conditions, but retailers no longer have to make prior agreements with customers. In this way, customers no longer have to make an appointment in advance to come by.

Grab a terrace, no problem

It is also possible to take a terrace again. Delicious after your kitesurfing session. The curfew is also no longer in effect today. A brief overview of corona measures can be found at

Kite shops open - Grab a terrace at the Bronutti Beachclub
A terrace is allowed again. For example at the Brunotti Beachclub on the Oostvoorne lake.

Kitesurf shops open: tips

We see nice encouraging messages from kitesurf shops in the Netherlands. People are very happy with it and we may even have some test days ahead. At the same time, understanding is asked for the fact that not all kitesurfing equipment is in stock. Shortages of raw materials and materials to be able to produce kites, wings, sails etc. In addition, there are problems with transport. Kitesurf shops suffer from it and you may experience this too. We recently explained this in detail and gave you tips on how to deal with it.

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