Kitesurfing December - This awaits you

Kitesurfing December - Winter kiting
Kitesurfing December - Prepare! Photo: Patrick van der Ven. Kitesurfer: Brice Couprie

In this kitesurf blog kitesurfing December will not be discussed kitesurfing holidays. No, we hope to give you insight into what awaits you as a kitesurfer in the Netherlands this season.

Average December temperature is dropping

The average temperature in November was 7,3 degrees according to This is slightly warmer than the long-term average of 6,7 degrees. We have not been able to notice the higher temperature at the beginning of December. Then it was water cold. Winter temperatures, up to freezing cold. Really cool and taking some getting used to for us after a hot summer and relatively high temperatures until well into November. We even thought about it for a while snowkiting, ice kiting en ice wings.

The average temperature in December is 3,7 degrees. Really cold!

Kitesurfing in winter
Kitesurfing in winter. From December 21 it will officially be winter. Photo: Patrick van der Ven

Average water temperature in December is dropping

The average sea temperature in October was 16 degrees. At the end of November the sea water was still about 10 degrees. The average temperature of the inland waters was between 8 and 10 degrees at the end of November. In December the average water temperature of the sea water is 8 degrees. Inland water is still a bit colder than the North Sea. At the beginning of the month, the temperature of the sea water can be slightly higher. So lower at the end. This partly depends on the extremes in terms of weather during the month.

Be smart when you go kitesurfing in December

The fact is that the temperature of the water will continue to drop rapidly in the coming weeks. Your body loses heat much faster in water than in air. Be careful, because hypothermia is a risk that is often recognized too late. So short sessions. Beginners actually no longer go on the water in December and when the water temperature is below 10 degrees. We advise other kite surfers to stop and warm up as soon as you notice that you are starting to get tired. Also, not sailing too far and going out on the water alone is out of the question. Which of course always unwise is. Read everything you need to know about kitesurfing in winter.

The advice is to stop and warm up as soon as you notice that you are getting tired.

Average wind force kiting December is increasing

November stood out because of the wind, which was often not there compared to other years. In December, winds exceed 77 knots on average 7% of the time. Again more chance of wind compared to November and much more than during the summer months.

Correct thickness wetsuit kite surfing December

You notice very well that it is colder. You don't even have to be at sea for that. So it's time for a 5/4 mm wetsuit again. We have advice on the correct wetsuit thickness for you. It is also the time for small holes and tears in your to glue neoprene. Neoprene surf shoes will be used by every kite surfer for extra insulation. You will also see almost all kite surfers with neoprene caps, gloves sometimes supplemented with a wind or neoprene jacket. We already saw that at the end of November. All extra insulation is welcome, preferably as flexible as possible.

Kitesurfing December - Don't sail too far anymore
Kitesurfing December. Read the item kitesurfing in winter about safety via the link at the bottom of the kitesurfing November blog. Photo: Patrick van der Ven

This year is different

Our experience is that when the weather changes, some kitesurfers call it a day. Kitesurfing in December is not for every kitesurfer. There is also a group of kitesurfers who are becoming more selective. So they only take the really nice days. In November it was often still pleasant. In December it really gets quieter. We hope to meet many kitesurfers again in December.

Be sure to read: Safety tips for kite surfing in winter →

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