Ruben Lenten back on the water. All the best man!

Ruben Lenten

A lot of respect is in order for our Ruben Lenten. Our quote “Ruben is upside down or off” is therefore with a big wink. He is the man who helped make kite surfing what it is today and he is back.

Ruben the master of extreme kiteloops ever!

Quote from 2008

Ruben Lenten back: then, now and later ...

Ruben is a kite surfer who was indestructible at a young age and went more extreme than many others. Ruben also had to deal with the ghost disease cancer at a young age. He gratefully overcame this and his life took on more meaning. Later he was off again due to a kite crash. The recovery process and a little one in the Lenten home gave his life even more meaning. Now he is back on the water. We do not know what his plan is in terms of kite surfing. But this video alone, and the idea that he is back on the water, is beautiful!

Also check Ruben Lenten his youtube channel once for more inspiration.

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